Thursday, February 01, 2007

Zachary gets Baptised

This last Sunday Zachary got Baptised by sprinkling by the DS. Zachary was so scared he clung to Bob the whole time and was near tears. It surprised me, since he is usally so boisterous. At least he wasn't bouncing all over the place. Instead of a lunch afterward, we hosted the meet and greet breakfast. Alot of people showed up and we had hardly anything left. Of course all the teenage boys helped clean up the food too.

The DS told this congregation that they represented family to us and to Zach. And because they have loved and accepted us they represented that and family to the community as well. Not sure I am expressing this right. But I think that was the most profound thing he said, well at least to us. I am not sure they got it. But that is true. They are family to us since ours is so far away. And they are family to those who have none or are far away too. And since they have loved and accepted us, they do have that to give to others. Now if they'll do that.....

So Zach got Baptised Sunday. No he is not an infant, but he is an infant in the faith. Yea!


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April said...

Congrats to Zachary! And to you and Bob, too!

If we had sense, I think all of us would be a little terrified by baptism!