Friday, February 23, 2007

thought for the day for the friends and family of St. John UMC

I have been sending out a daily email to the St. John Church family as for about a month now, as a way of staying in touch, encouragement and inspiration. I decided to start posting them on my blog Preaching to the Choir. I include the thought for the day, a prayer, a scripture and sometimes some links. Hope it is helpful to you. On the blog post, I may add a picture, video or something that is appropriate. I get the thought for the day from Communication Resources, thought I better say that. I'll try to post the back ones too, but it will take awhile and some work. But for now here's today's thought. Today's thought has a video to it as well as the thought, the scripture, prayer, and link.

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John said...

That's a very clever name for a pastor's blog.