Saturday, February 10, 2007

This is Saddleback Worship

Saddleback Worship - He Reigns

3 min 53 sec - Dec 10, 2006
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Compare this to the Welcome the Black Parade.
Is Saddleback even reaching the culture today?
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vicki said...

Looks more like a pep rally to me.

This is more like watching a performance rather than attending a worship service where the people are able to participate in that worship.

hipchickmamma said...

i'm with vicki. quite honestly it makes my stomach churn. sorry to be a brat.

Iris Godfrey said...

I have much the same reaction as those who commented above. I hesitate to be critical, however, just in case this is not the total scene. I would not enjoy what I have seen here, and if they do not work with reverence and fear in their worship and this is all you get -- then I would have serious issues with it.
However, being Pentacostal, I know that showing just one part of the "worship" service, can leave a wrong impression of what the whole really is. So I reserve judgment. I am not of the generation, that enjoys the approach seen in the clip, so its hard on me.
I am not a Rick Warren fan, choosing to use the Word over any other material, but there are some very good things that have come out of Saddleback. It has made some good differences in the church at large -- doesn't mean all needs to be swallowed.

Bless you, Rev Abi,

the reverend mommy said...

Where are the fog machines??

Deb said...


No, I would not choose to attend worship services like that every week. I have heard that song set done in a concert setting, though. I wonder if that is what it was? It looked like mostly youth/young adult types (the kids doing ASL) and so I wonder...

I don't doubt that the people singing and praising God were worshiping. I know that I have sat and listened in a more "traditional" church service to a pipe organ and a few yards of Bach. While I was not participating per se, I can accept that it was an act of worship. So perhaps that is what we should view this as -- and give our brethren and sistren the largest dose of grace possible??

who is NOT a big RW fan either, and will definitely muse on this some more...

David said...

Interesting. I wouldn't present the music in this manner, but then again I wouldn't use a song as old as this one either, unless my band really punched it up (which we've done). As worship leader for my church I'm very aware of how the "presentation" is done... it MUST be either praise-full or worshipful. We sing for an audience of One. What I witnessed on the vid was a performance. Sorry, no place for it where I lead.