Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It isn't American Idol, but it is Nashville Star

Two people from Florence, actually brother and sister, have made it to the top three of Nashville Star, of the USA Network. I had no idea that it existed at all until the Shoals area has gone Nashville Star crazy for the Hacker siblings.

Thursday is the final. I don't know these people, who are these people. But apparently they are famous around here, and were country before this happened.

Angela Hacker is from Muscle Shoals. Her child goes to school with my daughters. I didn't know it until I saw it on the school's outside sign. One of the things she says in her profile in response to the question "What are you afraid of?", is that she is afraid of nonbelievers. UH? Now that I don't get. She says her biggest hero is Jesus. Well if your hero is Jesus, what do you have to fear? Perfect love cast out fear. OH well.You can listen to her vidoes at the contest here.

Zac Hacker is from the Lagrange, AL and is her brother. You can see his videos here.

One thing for sure whether they win or lose Nashville Star, they have helped their cause and will move beyond Florence. Although yall do know that the Shoals is known for its music tradition, ranging from W.C. Handy, the “Father of the Blues,” to recording pioneer Sam Phillips, to numerous No. 1 hits recorded in local studios.

But then again we are also known for where Goober Pyle has a film festival every year known as the George Lindsey UNA Film Festival.


gavin richardson said...

angela will beat out her brother, but then loose to brad (i think that is his name) the other guy. erin & i like nashville star, it is generally more positive and the artists are required to do more disciplined things like songwriting (what a concept).

T said...

I enjoy Nashville Star too. Angela is good but Zach is good too. I definetely think one of the Hackers will win. They have been more consistent than the other guy. Guess well see what happens tomorrow night.

Blogger952 said...

If you heard Zac's original song, "If it Wasn't for the Whiskey", you'd know what a fabulous singer/songwriter he can be. I downloaded iTunes just so I could buy his single (which isn't nearly as good as it was live). His live performance had me sobbing by the end of the song, and my dad wasn't anything like that.

Angela will probably win, but I voted for Zac. David St. Romain (the "other guy" gavin spoke of) started off very strong, but Angela has continuously eclipsed him. I think he's also good, but I don't see him winning this competition.

This is my first season watching Nashville Star. If they have another season, I'll definitely watch.