Monday, February 05, 2007

Prayer Summit

From this Monday until Thursday, I am gone to a Prayer Summit at Camp Sumatanga for the North Alabama Conference of UMC. Never been to one. Don't know what all is going to take place. Don't know what direction it is going in. I do know I believe in prayer. I do believe our conference needs prayer. I need prayer. Our Pastors need prayer. Our Bishop and Cabinet need prayer. Our churches need prayer. Our church leaders need prayer. Our church members need prayer. So until I have been through this I really won't know what to say.

I know there is internet connection at Sumantanga, but whether I will be able to use it or have time to use it, I don't know.

I do know this comes from International Renewal Ministries. (I find myself reacting to the main picture, and the male language, ie "Godly-men".)

Two of the N. A. pastors, Robin Scott and Paul Lawler have put this together. They felt led to present this to the Bishop to have his okay to do this. He agreed and they then proceeded with the planning of it. They have removed themselves as the leaders or facilitators, and are bringing in an outside facilitator from IRM to lead it. Robin found himself concerned about our conference after the last Annual Conf. (I don't blame him, I have been concerned for a long time.) So after prayer he discussed this matter with Paul, his friend, who is involved in a Prayer Summit in Huntsville. He suggested this. So I am going, and I'll let you know how it goes.

Hey what about praying for General Conf?

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Mary Beth said...

Sure! When is it?

And I am praying for you at the summit, too.