Saturday, February 10, 2007

Culture can be offensive to our ears

I haven't finished my posting about the Prayer Summit, I will I promise.

But since yesterday morning I have been in a workshop at our District center led by Paul Borden.
And Bishop Willimon was here this afternoon to discuss and take questions. I'll post some more about that.

This afternoon, they are bringing a woman to speak to us who apparently is offensive to us, but an expert on emergent culture. Her name is LaDonna Witmer. Funny thing is I didn't find her offensive, I just found her alive, truthful, and real. I appreciate that. But if I need to be offended, then bring it on. Funny thing is we forgot that Jesus was offensive to the leaders of his day, the "elders", and the religious thinkers. Have we removed ourselves that far away today?

One of our ministers found her somehow or another and started writing her, and she started responding. She speaking at their church this weekend also. Wish I could be there. But it will be worth it all to hear today. I'll let you know more later and how offended I am.

She writes about her coming down here to Alabama in She Says.

She apparently was at the a Willow Creek conference and you can see a preview of the clip here:
I think I am buying the dvd if they have it here at our workshop.


Songbird said...

Abi, how was she supposed to be offensive?

hipchickmamma said...

oooh! i just followed the link over to her blog and she is FABULOUS! i hope you post more!

very very awesome!