Saturday, February 10, 2007

Welcome to the Black Parade

This is a piece of what we need to listen to. We don't listen enough according to LaDonna Witmer. We are talking too much. So watch and listen.


hipchickmamma said...

what a bummer, the video isn't available anymore. i really wanted to see how this was different!

revabi said...

go here to see the video

hipchickmamma said...

thanks for the working link!

this is one of my favorite radio songs. i rarely pick up names of bands anymore. the video is pretty good.

just a few weeks ago one of the youth and i were talking about this song/band. the thing that cracks me up is that i hear a message in it, is that because my mind immediately rolls to christ or because they are intentional?

much of alternative and mainstream music speaks messages. i have parents who don't want their kids to listen to anything mainstream, but it's amazing what you find.

for instance the black eyed peas are not a band/group that i would just hand over the cd to my girls. they have a lot of sex, some cussing, etc. however they also has a great "message" song, called "Where is the love?" When the kids were in charge of the worship service one sunday we used it. it was wonderful.

i have a tendancy to put off "christian rock, rap, whatever" because often it just sucks.

ok, i've ranted on long enough. i hope you will explain more about what we are supposed to listening for. i'm very curious about that.

the reverend mommy said...

Very Emo.
Very Tim Burton.
Both my kids know all the words, but have never seen the video. Chaos just saw it and then we talk about it.

But I will not let them go to the MCR concert until they are both of age to do so -- but I don't want them at Willow Creek either.

Maybe Nickel Creek, though.

I listen to alot of contemporary stuff and one thing is still true: a lot of pop is STILL fluff.