Friday, February 09, 2007

I am that American Idol

From revgalblogpals by Songbird:

Yes, it's true. I've been watching Season Six of American Idol with my daughter, our first time dipping into this particular well of pop culture. In the spirit of believing you can do anything, as the auditioners so clearly do, please fill in the following five blanks.

1) If I could sing like anyone, it would be _Oh My I really don't know. Nobody today sounds like what I would like to sound like. Patsy Cline .

2) I would love to sing the song __Crazy or Sweet Dreams or I Fall to Pieces or Walking after Midnight. (These are UTube videos)

3) It would be really cool to sing at _The Grand Ole Opry .

4) If I could sing a dream duet it would be with _Harry Connick Jr._or Johnny Cash,

5) If I could sing on a TV or radio show, it would be The Super Bowl, I could do much better than Prince and I wouldn't expose myself like Janet, but man I would sing.

bonus: And Simon says: "You are incredibly, if I may say, deluded here."


Deb said...

Thank you for promising not to do a wardrobe malfunction. Wouldn't THAT surprise the congregants???


gavoweb said...

i never picked you for such the country fan. very interesting. if you want to stalk the home up here in hendersonville let me know.

1-4 Grace said...

Great play!
Love, love Patsy! and Crazy is my song.
Although considering our weather down south, I would not mind doing Lena Horne's version of Stormy Weather! Great song!

Sally said...

Yeah but Simon is often wrong and terribly rude- you go for it!!!! We'll be cheering you on...

Songbird said...

You've definitely got a theme going! Sounds like fun.

hipchickmamma said...

awesome play!

walking after midnight is sooooo great!

as well as johnny cash--my mom used to sing in a band with his brother. i would torment her by telling me all about it. i would fantasize that the other cash (i don't even remember his name!) was my real dad so that johnny would be my uncle and roseanne my cousin. apparently he asked her to go on tour with him but she said no. the sad thing is i can't ever remember hearing her sing around the house or anything. my momma's funny that way.

anyhoo...wonderful play! love it!