Friday, June 30, 2006

Update on my friend Martha

This is what Margaret Blackwell, the lay leader of Wadley UMC sent me: Thanks for calling about Martha last evening. Bob and I drove Jim to UAB. She is in “Step down” room 9320 in the trauma unit but don’t know the phone #. I will probably get it later today and when I do I’ll email it to you. She has a broken wrist, some broken ribs, one lung collapsed so she has a chest tube. She had several cuts, scratches and bruises on her faced and head, one was a gash about 3 to 4 inches long that they were stitching up while we were there. She was lucid, remembered what happened, and was concerned about the car and next Sunday’s services at Wadley and Almond so there didn’t appear to be any major head trauma. We had been told that she possibly had some leg injuries but when Jim asked about her legs none of the people in the unit at that time seemed to be able to tell him anything. They just said that they had no knowledge about her legs and that Jim would need to talk to the orthopediAbout about that. Her daughter and son-in-law got to the hospital as Bob and I were getting ready to leave. I surely was glad to see them because I didn’t want to leave Jim alone. He has some pretty serious health problems and I was just worried about leaving him there alone. Martha looked pretty beaten up but we are all extremely thankful that her injuries are no more serious than what we do know about. I’ll keep you updated as I get new information.

Thank you for your prayers, keep them up she needs them for healing, her family for their anxiety and the church for their concern for her.

I had another phone conversation this morning with my DS: He had spoken to her husband. She has 100 stitches in her face and head. She also has a broken knee cap. Apparently a pulp wood truck pulled out in front of her, and she plowed into him. She really ate the wind shield. They had to cut her out of the car.
I am trying to decide if I need to go down and see her or just to phone her later today. The other thing I feel is this intense urge to run down and take care of the church members, as if I could do something for them. They are quite capable. When my husband came down with Gillian Barre, and almost died, they were there loving supporting and caring. And they were able to keep the church going. without me.

I got another email that gave me the link to the Randolphleader, which has pictures and story about the accident. Be sure to click on more of the story or here to see another picture. Turns out it was paneled freightliner that she met with. It was at a bad intersection, and it is a wonder she is alive.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

A sister in need is a sister indeed

Dear friends who read this blog, I have a prayer request for a clergy sister of mine. The clergy, Martha Hauer, who followed me at Wadley UMC was in a bad car wreck today on her way to the grocery store. They took her to UAB in Birmingham, AL. The word I now have from my DS is that she has a broke leg and chest injuries. She had a Huntsville tag and license so they thought she was from Huntsville and tried to find her family or someone there. Finally the guy who owns the ambulance company thought her name sounded familiar, but wasn't sure. He called his cousin in Wadley who told him she was the new Methodist Pastor, so they were then able to call her husband. The Lay leader, a good soul, drove him up to UAB this afternoon. I emailed the clergywomen of North AL, one of which is the Chaplain at Children's which is affiliated with UAB, she was able to get the oncall Chaplain to go check on Martha. So dear friends please say prayer for Martha, her husband Jim, her daughter, and the church. And friends always make sure you have proper id and numbers of family for them to be able to reach them if you are in an accident. Oh yes, please drive carefully, we are in a stressful job which cuts into our concentration ability.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Not long enough

Well, we are now connected at home to the internet. It just wasn't a long enough time without it. I pray that we don't get caught up in spending an inordinate amount of time on it. I hope we can still go walking together, and yes I really like the cuddle time and wish for more of it.

Yesterday we went berry picking with the kids. It was there first time. They were all tickled to death to be picking berries. But you know you got to watch out for the thorns on the vines. They were just a little scratched up and had purple hands. This morning they ate the berries.

Seeing the berries on the vine and their bright colors reminded me of the poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning - Earth's crammed with heaven, and every common bush afire with God; And only he who sees take off his shoes, The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries." I agree. The honeysuckle was in bloom and giving off that fragrant smell of their's. I do believe we were in heaven on earth for awhile last night. What beauty there was around, and I know that God was there. I would have taken off my shoes, but there were all kind of bugs everywhere, including ticks.

Tonight is Wed. night bible study. We are going to study David and Goliath. M-m-m sounds familiar. I told the adults we were going to go back to Sunday school. Only I think we are going to have slim pickings tonight. The sister of my trustee died and visitation is tonight. Must carry on.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Life without the internet

You know this could be a good thing not having the internet at home. I went all weekend without it. Played with the kids. Cuddled with the husband. (When was the last time we had time for even cuddling?) Even had some time to talk. Walked the dogs. Picked berries in the woods behind the house. I could go for this.

Just to let my friends know, Sunday the church installed me as their Pastor. They had never done that, but really liked it. All the leaders participated. They laid hands on me and prayed for me. Wow it was awesome. Then we had a reception afterwards. They had a spread of food. M-m-m. Really some good food. We had Sunday evening service last night, and some of the youth were there. Yea! They had a good youth program, and in the last couple of months lost the youth. It is my prayer, hope and work to minister to them.

Today is Kara's birthday. She has been hounding us since Saturday about her birthday. Even though we gave her a birthday party with her friends in Wadley, she wants another one. Shoot, I'll be lucky if I can find the gifts I saved for her actual birthday. Finally I sat her down and asked her what did she want, and she wanted just mommy-me time. So this morning we had mommy-me time. And then we took her to lunch where she wanted to go. Yep you guessed it, McDonalds. Got to go get a cake. Got to find presents. Got to have party. Anyway, Happy Birthday to you Kara. This is your second one you have got to celebrate with us, and we have gotten to celebrate with you. We love you sweet girl. Six years old today!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

I scream, You scream, We all scream for Ice Cream

it's late, but it's still Friday! Five
We had thunderstorms, three inches of rain and winds of 60+ mph. R shut down and unplugged our computers and network, but we're back online now. Sorry for the delay--I even had the questions done ahead of time! Ah well...Summer is here with a vengeance. We took the family out to Baskin-Robbins to celebrate. I have a special affection for B-R because it was my first job during high school. People told me I'd get sick of ice cream working there. Puh-leeze.Without further ado:
1. Ice cream: for warm weather only or a year-round food? What do you mean for warm weather only, that's year round here. But Ice Cream is definitely year-round food, necessity.
2. Favorite flavor(s)3. Cake cone, sugar cone, waffle cone, cup? As a kid I liked the sugar cone. As an adult, I really like the cup only.
4. Childhood ice-cream memory Oh boy, I got two. One is making home made ice cream at my Pop's, he could make the best of any flavor there was. M-m-m good. Then there was an A & W drive-in where we lived. My dad loved to take us there and get rootbeer floats. I can still see us in the old car, sitting in the A & W drive-in, listening to the music, and drinking those delicious rootbeer floats. What a wonderful child hood memory.
5. Banana splits: discuss.(Feel free to answer the above based on your favorite frozen yogurt, sorbet, lactose-free, you name it.)Ya know, I have never gotten into Banana splits, I don't know why. And I will admit it here, I am not a whip- cream fan either. But now I do like hot chocolate syrup sometimes on my ice cream.

Bonus: Baskin-Robbins used to make ice-cream sodas. During the 18 months I worked there, I think I made about 3 tops. They're no longer on the menu, but you can still order them. Question: What are the ingredients/steps for making an ice cream soda? Only you the bar-tender would know. My dad did soda jerking as a teenager, and he knew. So here goes. Ice cream first into the glass, soda next, whip cream and a cherry to boot.

M-m-m hope there is some ice cream in the refigerator or we are going to Baskin-Robbins tonight.

I'm riding in my car

Thursday we took the kids with their new friend, Adaley, to go see the movie "Cars". What a neat little kid's movie. I like the animation work of Pixar. I read some comment about it that it was the story line from "Doc Hollywood", only with cars as the main character. It may be but its a cute little take on it. It was the first movie that Zachary has seen, and boy was he enamored. And I confess I liked Mater and Fillmore.

Okay, but somebody tell this "hick from Wadley", when did movie prices get so high and why? We went to the matinee and we were broke. No going to movies for awhile. I thought the matinee was going to be reasonable.

Thanks for the thoughts about the bible study. It did go well. Good participation. Got over that milestone. I used the old Testament passage on David being chosen King. I am going to use the passages on David and focus on him as a man after God's own heart.

This Sunday I will be installed as Pastor here, and afterwards we will have lunch. Then I will preach at an evening worship. I didn't do an installation at Wadley, but I have decided I am going to do it here, and use the ritual out of the book of worship.

Alright, to all my fellow and sister preachers out there, may God bless you in your worship leadership. May God's word be proclaimed.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am Hooked

I mean I am hooked up to the internet at the office. My wonderful secretary spent almost an hour with the phone in one ear while she listened to the techie direct her through the circuits of my laptop to get it working with the Router. And yea it works. So I am now on my computer on the internet. I owe my secretary big time.

We are waiting for the things from Bell South to hook up at home. Should come any day now.

Tonight I lead my first Bible Study here. Pray for me, I haven't led a bible study in I don't know when. I tend to overload people and have too much information, especially when I am nervous. And I am nervous.

We can now get into the garage, and have a path to get to things. I am still looking for my makeup, some of my slacks, cd rewritables. Found some more of the toys today. Maybe that is more important. The kids are still doing okay. They needed some extra tlc this morning which I gave them.

Went to a workshop last night for the Pastors who had moved into this district. It didn't get through until 9pm, and I didn't get home until 10:30pm. I was so tired that I ran a red light that I thought was going to be yellow a little longer. Well who was sitting off to the side of the road. You guessed it, your local police officer. And yes the blue and red lights went on, and he pulled me over. Thank God he was a generous guy and gave me a warning. The workshop was good, and helpful for the first 90 days of ministry. We are expected to write a plan for the 90 days turn it into our District Super, and meet with them every 30 days to review what we have accomplished. I wonder when I are going to get some time off? Can I include that in my plan?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Moving in/Digging out

We are moved in okay. We are just having to dig out of the garage the boxes to find out what goes where. This morning, Bob found our dishes, yea!

Yesterday went well with the first worship and sermon here; or at least I have been told it went well. I used the Mark passage to talk about the seeds God cast here in this church and community. And that God is still casting the seeds of the Kingdom here. I told them I don't know nothing about farming, that Bob did and they would have to ask him. My Lay Leader, June Montgomery led the worship and did a fantastic job. Thank you God for her. We did honor the dads, and I did talk about dads some in my sermon. Thank you for all your prayers.

We still don't have internet at the house, we have to work out some issues concerning the phone company and the parsonage. We looked into cable, but it was too expensive. We didn't get my computer hooked up at work either. Oh well, we will try again. So I am again using the Secretary's computer. Thanks, Kim.

I must say this is a lovely church building, with a beautiful sanctuary. The people have been so kind and welcoming, but of course, we are honey mooning.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

I am here in Florence

Yea! We are here, and getting settled. The movers got lost Wednesday and did not deliver our things until 9pm. Fortunately, the church members hung around until they did get there and helped unload. God bless them. In fact if it wasn't for the church members both at Wadley, and here, the move could have been a great disaster. I told the St. John people that God was giving us a lesson in patience when the van didn't show. LOL.

The kids are so happy with their new rooms and house. They even already have friends. Cool uh? However, we do not have a fenced in yard and we have dogs. Kara on Thursday stood with the back door open long enough for Lilly Bear to sneak out and take off. She was gone for four hours. Fortunately she hung out around the neighborhood. When we got her in she was hot and exhausted. She hasn't tried it again. But we do take them for wallks and that helps.

We don't have internet yet. I am using the secretaries computer and internet access tonight. I hope to have it set up on Monday here at the church, and next week at home.

Okay, the movers put everything in the garage, instead of the rooms in the house that the boxes were marked for. We have to search for the boxes to figure out where they go, and what to unpack right now. So far so good. Still can't find somethings. Luckily I had packed some suitcases with necessary items for us to have for at least a few days. And for the first night the church put us up in a hotel, because the house was not ready yet for us to live in.

Oh the adventures of moving. But hey, that's okay we are back where there are stores not 5 minutes away, resturaunts, a mall and movie theaters.

Pray for us starting out tomorrow for the first time here. Pray for me as I preach. Pray for the members as they to open their hearts to us. I am looking forward to it.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The times they are a changing

A while back in one of her comments singing owl asked me if I was going to change the name of this blog. I am moving from Wadley to Florence. I took my blog title from the Vicar of Dibley, and changed it to Vicar of Wadley. It used to be one of my favorite shows. So I am thinking and trying out different titles, Vicar of Florence, Vicar of St. John? I don't know they just don't ring or sing. Got any suggestions you creative humorous wise spiritual thinkers?

We are now counting down the hours to the move. Wednesday morning they load us up one way or another. I hope I don't pack one of the kids or animals by accident. I sure wish they would quit digging out what we try to pack and then hiding it.

We did have a yardsale Saturday, but didn't sell much. We did sell a few things. There was a yardsale down the street, and they were selling their stuff like hotcakes. One woman commented that it was all junk. You know maybe they are right one man's junk is another man's treasure. We started joking that we obviously didn't have any junk and would have to wait until we get to Florence to have another yard sale. Katy today said, people just don't want to buy the big things. I told her, I guess you are right. But then I did sell my exercise bike to one of the church members today. We did have a bunch of men looking for tools. I tried to talk Bob into selling some of his tools. But noooo he was not going to let go of them, he might need them later on. So we are going to be moving some big tools. If I give up my exercise bike he should at least give up one of his tools. What do you think?

So if you don't hear from me for awhile, you will know I couldn't post, instead I was just throwing things into boxes and taping them shut in desparation. I think Florence has internet service. I know the church has it. So it may be this coming weekend that I am able to be back online.

Friday, June 09, 2006

RevGalBlogPals: Friday Five: Rain

RevGalBlogPals: Friday Five: Rain

Today's Friday Five asks, then, five questions about rain, all intended to help us look on the bright side of life. Let a smile be your umbrella!!
1. Favorite way to spend a rainy day If its one of them Florida afternoon storms I spend it taking a nap. But we haven't rain in a while here in AL so send some our way Songbird
2. Favorite song about rain Well I do like Singing in the Rain, and I do like Alabama Rain by Jim Croce, Fire and Rain by James Taylor. I found this link that list all the songs about rain, and my there are a bunch. The other song I like is one of the contemporary Christian songs: Let it Rain.
3. Favorite movie featuring rain Along with Singing in the Rain, I do like Rain Man, and The River.
4. Favorite piece of raingear, past or present I don't really remember having rain gear from the past as a child, I am always losing umbrellas, I love my kids galoshes, but what I remember is playing in the rain as long as their wasn't lightening.
5. Favorite word for rain gully washer, rainbow, rain forest.

I just have to say my dogs would not be seen in that silly umbrella, in fact they would tear that thing apart.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Speaking of communion

This year our conference along with most of the conferences honored the ClergyWomen for 50 years of ordination. They had made a video of some of the clergy interviewing them, as well as showing them in ministry. I didn't get in on that being way down here in Wadley. We had a great luncheon with one of the first women who was ordained in North Alabama. She was such a joy to listen to and an encouragement to us. Bishop Willimon asked Dr. Lacey Warner to teach the Bible Study each day. He also presented a video made of an interview with Dr. Tullis abiout the General Conference in 1956 where full rights were given women. It was amazing to hear that the man who put forth the motion was at that time a professor at Asbury Seminary, a conservative Seminary. Wow. And finally we clergy women served communion at the sending forth service. And I can't believe it my picture is on the website serving communion. Hey, I got to serve the bigdogs, the District Supers. That's me with the short hair, blue dress serving the bread. For all that it was a great conf.

Joy and Tears

It has been incredible, both the joy and grief of saying goodbye. Sunday they hosted a luncheon for me here at Wadley and gave me a beautiful communion set with a mandate. The amndate was this "You start communion up at your new church as soon as you get there, never had we realized how wonderful it was to take it weekly until you got here." I think that's a pretty good mandate, don't you. The luncheon was great, more food than we ever needed. People from the community came in to say goodbye also. I was just speechless when they gave me the communion set. Kara said "Mom just open up the gift will you." So I opened it and just teared up.
I believe some how or another I will be serving communion with this set. Wow. Am I touched. I am so honored that they would think of me this way.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Other Pentecost Sunday Prayers

Here is a link to the RevGalBlogPals Pentecost Sunday prayer. It is another good one to pray. Come Holy Spirit! Thanks Sue at InnerDorothy for the prayer.

Here is a Pentecost prayer with a beautiful picture by Karen at Kinesis.

Pentecost Sunday Prayer

Dear God,
The sermon is written. The bulletins are printed. The communion elements are ready. I think we got all the ducks in a row. No wait, the Preacher is still half asleep, trying to quickly pour mega tons of caffeine into her system so she can wake up. Forgive me, but getting back from conference at 9 o'clock at night on Saturday is ludicrous. God help me to let go of my anger about that, help me to be awake enough to deliver the words you speak through me. Come Holy Spirit, I love that prayer from the Emmaus Community.....

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your faithful and kindle in them the fire of Your love. Send forth Your Spirit and they shall be created. And you shall renew the face of the earth.

O, God, Who by the light of the Holy Spirit did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever enjoy Your consolations. Through Christ our Lord.

Lord not only inspire me with the Holy Spirit, but inspire all my sisters and brothers preaching your message today. Inspire your faithful with Your love, oh the fire of Your love! Renew us Lord, renew the face of the earth. Renew your church.

Lord listening to the report about the statistics of the North Alabama Conference was depressing, or maybe more realistic, maybe we are finally reporting true numbers instead of falsifying reports. I know it is discouraging to Bishop Willimon, uplift him Lord as he is your servant here, trying to challenge us, lead us in a new way, trying new things to spread your kingdom here on earth. God some of it is scary, yet your love casts out fear, so cast out the fear in me with your love that the fire of the Holy Spirit continues to be at work through me.

Come Holy Spirit come.

Theresa Coleman has this prayer posted at her blog "reverend mommy's random thoughts" for Pentecost. Here is another link to prayers for this Pentecost Sunday by Katherine Hawker at Outside the Box. Kevin Smalls at the UMC Board of Discipleship Worship Homepage has this to offer for Pentecost Sunday. And if you want to pray for the world with others for the Power of the Holy Spirit at work in the world go here. The Holy Spirit is a fire, fire burns, and cannot be put out by the world, but the Holy Spirit acts and acts through each one of us!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Prayer for Jakarta Earkquake Victims

O God,
The ground is quaking
Swallowing up the old and the young
babies at the breast
and those whose words had become faint whispers
Swallowing up futures and dreams
and leaving living terror in its place.
On this day, O God,
as we remember that we are all from the dust
We pray for those who suffer in Indonesia
We pray for those who grieve known losses
and for those who are waiting.
We pray for those who are helping
for those who will travel to help
and for the thousands who need help.

Lord, have mercy upon your suffering people
Make your Presence known
And grant Your peace.

This prayer was written by Safiyah Fosua, Director of Invitational Preaching Ministries of the Center for Worship Resourcing of The General Board of Discipleship.

"A Prayer for Those Who Grieve and Suffer" Copyright © 2006 The General Board of Discipleship of The United Methodist Church, PO Box 340003, Nashville TN 37203-0003. Any or all of this page may be printed, copied, distributed, reprinted in church bulletins or newsletters, or otherwise used for nonprofit local church worship or education with the inclusion of the copyright citation and General Board of Discipleship as its source. It may not be used for profit or republication without prior permission.

RevGalBlogPals friday five: summer blockbuster edition

reverendmother asks the following for Friday:

1. If you were a mutant, what ability would you like to have? (think superpower)

Super fastness, so I can keep up with these 3 kids.

2. Tell us about a memorable road trip you've experienced.

Any road trip with my hubby Bob, we like to go on these trips on the backroads,seeing the country side Holding hands, talking, enjoy the beauty.

3. Do you enjoy solving riddles and working on puzzles? If so, what kinds?

Oh Yeah. I love doing jigsaws. I learned to like crossword puzzles from my husband, figure I would keep my mind sharp..

4. Take two of your phobias and combine them to make a campy horror/disaster flick. What would it be called?

Falling from the sky after the plane blew up. (I am taken liberty and adding a third). I fall into the ocean with no air and surrounded by sharks. (Okay I added more than i more).Name of the film: "Falling into the Jaws of Death"

5. Just how batsh*t crazy is Tom Cruise, anyway?

You know, I use to have a crush on this guy, but since he has gotten deeper into the religion Scientology, I said he has really crossed the line into Tom Cruise interrupted.

Bonus: Name each of the five movies that inspired these questions.

1. X men : The last Stand

2. Pixar's Cars

3. Da Vinci Code

See my other post about the Duh Vinnie Koda

4. Scary Movie 4

5. Mission Impossible : 3

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!

Wow! Who would have thunk it. The more they study and research chocolate, the more benefits they find for us. Hey, I could have told the smart Docs myself that one, without even having to do research, although a little research on chocolate isn't such a bad idea.

Before you take your next exam or tackle a big project at work, eat milk chocolate to help you work smarter.
Eating milk chocolate can improve your brain activity, according to a new study from Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia. Led by Dr. Bryan Raudenbush, the researchers found that milk chocolate had a positive impact on memory, attention span and reaction time.

I always ate a bag of m-m's while studying.

So now not only does it make you smart it helps with your health:

Savor that chocolate. It's not only delectable, but also can help control diabetes and high blood pressure. There's just one catch.It must be dark chocolate--not white. A team of researchers from the University of L'Aquila in Italy has found in a small study of 15 people that eating 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate daily for 15 days lowered blood pressure and improved the body's ability to metabolize sugar from food, report Reuters Health and the BBC News. That's better than a prescription medication any day! However, eating the same amount of white chocolate for the same period had no effect on either blood pressure or insulin sensitivity.

So those of you who are chocoholics you can now justify your eating the chocholate, but watch the trans fat. Also, consider Fair Trade chocolate while you are at it.
Here's some possibilities for Fair Trade Chocolate With decadently rich flavors, these chocolates come from organically grown cocoa in rainforests around the world. Through Fair Trade practices, these chocolates benefit cooperatives and small family farms, allowing for a commitment of social justice as you make a direct contribution to the livelihood of the farmers and workers. Try the Equal Exchange store.
Then try here the Divine Chocolate.

So go enjoy your chocolate for your brains and for your health.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

St. Casserole: Happy June 1st !

St. Casserole: Happy June 1st !

St. Casserole asks at the beginning of Summer this question: What would I do if I had all the time in the world?
If I had all the time in the worlds, I would go visit family, visit friends near and far, travel the top ten places I have on mylist to travel to. I would play with my kds. I would write a book. I would go to the beachand enjoy its pleasures. I would lie in a hammock watching the clouds go by trying to decide what they are. I would spend time with my husbanc loving him and being loved by him. I would listen to different music here and abroad. Iwould enjoy the moutains and the seas that God made for us to enjoy.

Prayer on a day like today

Dear God,
Thanks so much for listening to me the last days in my prayer time. Thanks for sitting with me in the silences. Thanks for your tender love and care.

God I have really enjoyed, well that's not really the word, but I have been fed by the weekly communion we share here at Wadley. It was with mixed feelings that I served my last communion with them. And yet once again you fed us with you holy spirit, the body and blood of Christ, and your grace. How can I say thanks for that. I will miss the weekly communion with the folks here, and pray for the hearts of those at St. John to be open to it.

God I find myself feeling anxious about the upcoming conference. I don't know if its because I am not going to it today. Or if its because I am moving. Or if its because I just don't care for sitting all day in meetings, and then rushing back here late Saturday night. But the truth is my anxiety has been up anyway these days. I am anxious about a lot of stuff and then I hear your scripture saying "Do not be afraid." " Be anxious in nothing..." "I tell you do not worry about your life," "An anxious heart weighs a man down..""Cast all your anxiety on Him.." So Lord, I cast all my anxiety on you, and ask for your peace, calmness to come in so my heart won't be heavy.

I think God it has a little to do with my need to control things, and when life feels out of control, or like now with the house a mess, I think if I just handle things, if I had control I can work it all out, and instead I get more anxious. So Lord, I think I better give all this back to you. And put my trust in you, and let go, that you know better about how to make this all work out better than I do. So God you take over before I make a bigger mess of things than I already have.

And God tonight my beautiful little Katy graduates from pre school, from the Day care she has gone to since she came to live with us. I am so proud of her. She is growing up on us. I pray for her that she makes the transition to kindergarten well. God, you know she has been struggling with not being the only child, and not having as much alone time with mommy as she once used to get. Help her with her feelings and behavior. Help me to guide her through this time, this development in her life. And then we have this other big transition coming that we are moving Lord, help her with that as well. Help all my dear children God as they go through all these changes, Guide me to parent them through this. Keep me calm and sane Lord.

Thanks God....

Move Update

Well friends it is as it says 13 days until our move to Florence. We have got to get moving. But at the same time I feel like we are at the point that most things are things we live with, and so we really can't finish most of the packing or cleaning yet. Yikes, so I just keep packing and throwing away, packing and throwing away.