Saturday, October 27, 2012

Prayer for Reformation Sunday

God you are our safe place to hide.

You are our mighty fortress.

You are our ever present help in time of need.

We can and do turn to you in the midst of our troubles.

And Lord our world is full of difficulties.

Lord we may feel afraid, but it does not overcome us

Because we know we can put our trust in you.


Your love and grace are like streams of water in the desert.

Your joy comes splashing down upon us.

Your refresh and renew us like rain coming down on the earth.

Bring your water of life to those who are thirsty

 and living in a dry and weary land.


Where there are wars, bring your peace.

Where there is starvation, fill the empty bellies.

Where there is despair, bring your hope.

Where there is animosity, bring your reconciliation.

Where there is abuse, bring your tender mercies,

Where there is poverty, bring your charity.

Where there is illness, bring your healing.

Where there is grief, bring your gentleness.

Where there is injustice, bring your justice.


Lord you are mighty fortress, our strong deliverer.

In you we put our trust and release ourselves into your hands.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Prayer for Proper 24B/Ordinary 29B/Pentecost 21

Creator God,
We praise you,
We love,
We thank you.
When we look at all you have created it catches our breath
And we find ourselves in awe of you.
We find ourselves wondering how can such a God care about each one of us?
And yet you do.
And because you care for all of your creation including each one of us, we can bring to you our needs, our cares, our hurts, our frustrations, our joys, our hopes, our dreams and our celebrations.
Caring God,
We bring before you those in our midst who are suffering, praying for your loving presence, knowing that you too know what it is like to suffer.
We pray for those who are grieving for your comfort as you know what is like to grieve.
We pray for those who are worried because they have no work, no food, no shelter, Relieve their fears as they find work, have shelter, and have food to eat.
Loving God,
You sent your son Jesus to be servant of all and to set free many people.
You also call us to be servants.
Lord, it is not easy to serve in a world that values power, being number one and winning at any cost.
You have set the model for us to live as servants through your son,
Encourage us, teach us, and inspire us to lives of service for you.
Set those free from the chains that bind them by the power of your love.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Prayer for Proper 23B/Ordinary 28B/Pentecost 20

Merciful Lord,

You are so gracious to us

And we thank you for that.

Strengthen us as we live

Out our lives as your disciples.

Empower this your church to

Embody your love in our

witness and in our missions.

Build up your compassion in us

For those we know in need

and those we do not know in need.

Hear and answer the cry of the needy, Lord

And do not turn away from them.

Lead and guide those who govern the nations

With wisdom and justice.

Help us to heed your call to help the needy,

Those who are ill, in distress and grief.

In your mercy and love

Hear our prayers.

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Saturday, October 06, 2012

World Communion 2012

Lord as we gather around this wonderful meal everywhere

And in every place; bless us all your children.

As we eat this bread and drink this cup linking arms around the world,

pour your grace into us all.

Grace us with your presence as we quietly and loudly pray to you.

May we see in each other your light, your love and you.

May it not matter our differences, our names, our languages,

our looks, and our way of doing things.

May what matter today and everyday be that we are one in you.


And as we pray many we call to mind our brothers and sisters

who are unable to be with us today whether in body or spirit.

May you bring comfort to those who are grieving, lonely,

 heartbroken, ill or broken of spirit.

May you strengthen those whose lives feel shattered,

don’t make sense, in crisis, and experiencing  loss.

May you say the healing word to those who need it.

May you bring the human touch of love to those who have not been touched.

May you love the unloved through us.

May you shine your light into those whose world is covered in darkness.

May you use us your children to feed the hungry, clothe the ones who need clothes,

give a cup of water to those who are thirsty, shelter the homeless, visit the sick and those in prison.

May lives be awakened to you Lord, to your love, and to your kingdom whose door is always open to all.



artwork from Presbyterian Church(USA) World Communion resources