Saturday, June 30, 2012

Prayer for Proper 8B/Ordinary 13B/Pentecost 5

God of freedom,
As we celebrate the freedoms of our countries,
May we not forget the many who sacrificed to make that possible.
And may we not forget that there are many living in places where freedom is lacking, so
We pray for justice and liberation for them.

We are also grateful for the freedom you give us in Jesus.
We are aware that many do not know that freedom
so we pray that we are not afraid to tell others of your wonderful freedom for all.
Come, O gracious God, who led your children Israel from slavery,
keep us free from all that might hold us in bondage.

We pray for all those who are vulnerable and in need,
 that you would strengthen them and hear their cries for help.
We pray for the sick and the suffering,
And Lord there are so many in our community, our families, and friends.
We Pray for your healing to come their way.
We pray for the poor and burdened, that they may find relief and be set free from their poverty.
We pray for those suffering in this heat, those that work outdoors in this heat keep them safe.
We pray for those who are dying and for those who have had a recent death in their lives. Bring solace to their grief and pain.

We pray for ourselves as we seek to follow you and love you.
We pray for our families, Lord it can be so difficult to be a loving family these days.
We pray for our friends, and companions that we support and love each other as we walk this journey of life and faith. Amen

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