Sunday, October 31, 2010

Prayer on Reformation Sunday

Dear Lord,
On this Reformation Sunday, we thank you for those persons you have poured your spirit into that then set about reforming your church. We thank you that you are still at work in the life of the church reforming us reshaping us, and remaking us into your image.

One of the ways we reflect your image Lord is how we care for one another with love,care and prayer. We pray for those who are in the hospitals today. We pray for those at home with illnesses, pains and recovering from treatments and/or surgeries. We pray for those in nursing homes and those who are home bound. We pray for their families during these times. We pray for those who are facing death. We pray for those who have died and for those who are grieving. We pray for their Doctors, nurses, health care workers and care takers.Lord may we reflect your image in our love, care and prayer that we put to action for these your children.

We reflect your image in how we love, care and pray for the world. We pray for those around the world who as Christians face imprisonment and martyrdom. We pray for those who countries torn by civil war. We pray for those living in poverty. We pray for those who live in starvation. We pray for those who are being used in slave labor, child labor and sex labor. We pray for those who have been effected by disasters such as those in Indonesia because of the earthquakes and Tsunamis. We pray for those in disaster areas who face outbreak of diseases such as Haiti with the cholera outbreak. We pray for our country as this Tuesday we vote for new leadership. Lord, may we put into action our love, care and prayers for the world.

Lord, we pray for your church that we be a beacon of hope, grace, love and light in this world. May our open doors reflect your open arms to all. May our arms and hands reaching out to those in need reflect your love for all. May our forgiveness of one another reflect your forgiveness for all.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Prayer for Proper 25C / Ordinary 30C / Pentecost +22

God of hope,
We thank you for this wonderful fall weather that brings forth the beautiful colors.
We thank you for you many gifts and graces you bring us in our life.
God of hope,
We pray for those who may be feeling hopeless these days that they may experience hope from you.
God of hope,
We pray for those who are dealing with illnesses, bring forth your healing for their lives.
God of hope,
We pray for those who are grieving, bring hope to them in the midst of their grieving.
God of hope,
We pray for those who have lost their jobs and need work, open the doors for work.
God of hope,
We pray for those dealing with addictions that they may be set free.
God of hope,
We pray for those whose marriages and families need healing, set forth in motion the forgiveness and reconciliation that is needed.
God of hope,
We pray for hope in our lives where we may need it.
God we thank you for your hope in all our lives.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Prayer for P 24C / O 29C / P +21

Your son taught us to pray and to never lose heart.
But frankly God there are times that wear us down and we feel fainthearted.
We feel weary and close to giving up.
There are times Lord we lose hope and give up.

It is times like these that we need to hold each other up in prayer.
It is times like these that we need to encourage each other.
It is times like these that we need to be there for one another.
It is times like these that we need to cry out to God for those in need.

But God it is not just for those in need, it is also for justice that we cry out.
We plea for those who can not speak up for themselves.
We stand up for those who rights have been violated.
We seek peace with justice for those who need both.
We pray for justice for those who are the weakest.

We thank you for your justice at work in this world.
We thank you for hearing our prayers and answering them.
We thank you for your showing concern and protection.
We thank you for your mercy that you pour out with your justice.

In all of this may we be found faithful

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Prayer for P23C / O 28C / P20

Just as you healed the lepers,
Heal us of our leprosy, heal us of our negativity, our judging others, our bad attitudes toward others.
Just as you healed the lepers, heal those that need healing today.
And Jesus, just as the one came back rejoicing and giving thanks to you, may we too come back giving thanks to you.
Lord, we pray for those who have experienced or are experiencing bullying in school and life just for being different.
And we pray for those who bully others.
Help us to be the ones who take a stand against bullying, who find ways to stop the behavior and who bring healing into their lives.
Jesus, we want to express our thanks and gratitude for the rescue workers being able to reach the trapped miners in Chile.
We pray for those who were affected by toxic sludge in Hungary.
Lord, there are many more in this world whose impoverished lives have been made worse by natural disasters; we pray for the necessary recourses be made available, the people who can bring help go forth to serve.
Lord may we be your agents of healing in this world today.

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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Prayer for World Communion Sunday

God we come to you during this special day of worship when we share communion our brothers and sisters in Christ from all around the world. And yet we realize we are not in communion with those in Christ in the world. Lord may this moment of shared communion bring us closer to each other and closer to you.

Lord we pray for those around the world suffering in so many different ways, whether it is violence, war, terrorism, huger, displacement, or homelessness. We ask for these things to end and be replaced by your great mercy new everyday.

Lord we are reminded that this is breast cancer awareness month. We are reminded that it mainly affects women but it does affect men too. And so we pray for those who have breast cancer, and those who have lost loved ones to it.

We are also reminded that this domestic violence month. There are so many effected by domestic violence not just at the hand of abuse, but also those who have been killed. We prayer for families that have been ripped apart by domestic violence, and we pray for those who have died due to it.

Lord it is also Clergy appreciation month, may we take time to appreciate our clergy that we have now and those before. It is sad that the stress of the job of clergy is having such an effect on them; that they are unhealthy, depressed and discouraged so much so that they often quit. Lord we take time to pray for them, encourage them, support them and appreciate them.
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