Thursday, June 26, 2008

Working with persons in their twenties

Part of my job presently is planning our ministry for young adults. I inherited this from my predecessor. I won't be the one doing it, just in on the planning stages. Or at least that is how I understand it.
My question; Anyone out there already in minstry to this age group? Anyone having some success? Any ideas? Any thoughts? We are in the research phase at this point.
I feel like a fish out of water.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The family picture

A friend was in town, and came by for a brief visit. He took a couple of pics of the family.

Here is one of them. Enjoy.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A prayer for Saturday

Martin Luther's Sacristy prayer

Lord God,
You have appointed me as a pastor in Your Church,
but you see how unsuited I am to meet so great and difficult a task.
If I had lacked Your help, I would have ruined everything long ago.
Therefore, I call upon You:
I wish to devote my mouth and my heart to you;
I shall teach the people.
I myself will learn and ponder diligently upon You Word.
Use me as Your instrument -- but
do not forsake me,
for if ever I should be on my own,
I would easily wreck it all.

Sacristy picture

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Blog name

Okay, friends, I am playing in my mind with a new name for this blog. St John Rev Abi doesn't work since now I serve Trinity. Vicar of Wadley doesn't work, cause I am not in Wadley anymore, nor Florence. Vicar of Trinity? Vicar of Huntsville? Trinity's Rev Abi? The Great and Powerful Abi, or The Abi Wilke Experience? (this came from the Worship Coordinator.)

I am thinking?
I was called Abi-normal when I worked as a Chaplain on the Psych unit for the hospital.
Dear Abi, I taught her everything she knows.
Abi Road, for the Beatle's album.

As you can tell I am not very creative. Any ideas?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stung by a wasp

Sunday afternoon, I and two of the kids were sweeping the front porch, steps and walkway of the grass from the recent mowing. I guess Bob wanted to be out there with us, because he was messing around with the front porch. The next thing I knew he had stirred up a wasp's nest and one of them was at my ear. He stung me good before he took off. Well, after yelling and scaring the kids, I then began to cry. My ear then begin to swell as well. We got some ice for it. The kids had run away from the front porch which was good. But now they are afraid to go up the front steps and porch. I wasn't able to sleep on that side that night either.

But besides that, I had a dead battery in my car when I went out to go to church Sunday morning. Yes, it was my first Sunday and I was to preach. Bob tried to jump start it but it wouldn't do it. He took me to church then. I did preach without further hitch and it went well. Bob replaced the battery on Sunday afternoon and it worked well. But the next morning it was dead again. He couldn't jump start it so he called for a wrecker and took me to work. You know what was wrong? Some how or another someone had turn the interior light on. I'm blaming Bob or the kids or me or that "somebody did it but not me" person.

But like I said, the Sunday morning worship went well. I have now been initiated. They had a reception welcoming us afterwards and many stayed to welcome us. It was rather overwhelming but nice.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A new day

Came to my new position today. I have an empty office. Someone joked that I needed to bring some books. I just came for the clergy staff meeting, but have stayed. I am learning all kinds of things today. My D. S. came and took me out to lunch. That was neat. Had a good time. Having a good time so far.

The kids accidently left the front door open and out went one of the dogs. Bob was able to chase it down and bring it back, thank goodness. Huntsville has leash laws and license laws. The kids were really upset and afraid we would be really upset with them, but we kept our cool. They were okay when I left.

Bob almost has the kitchen put together.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Moving out, Moving on, Moving In

Sunday was the last Sunday. I feel good about the sermon using the story of the call of Matthew, and the two healings by Jesus. I then celebrated the ministries we had accomplished together while I was at St John. I had sat in conference and made a list of all our accomplishments, it was quite a list. I celebrated the ongoing ministries of the church as well. I also shared my sadnesses with them. We had a nice goodbye luncheon then. I feel good about the closure.

This is my very last day at work here. The office is pretty much empty, except for the trash can.

I have a few little things to pick up from the house. We couldn't get all the food into the coolers we brought last time, so I came back with a cooler to get the food. The house has been emptied and cleaned throughly.

Tomorrow I start at Trinity with staff and worship meetings. I am preaching the first two Sundays to give people a chance to hear me and to meet me. Friday I am on-call. I'd say I am jumping in and getting to work. My 90 day plan is finished, I need to run over a few things with the Senior Pastor about it.

I like my new house. The kids like the new house. Hubby likes the new house. The doggies and cat like the new house. Its going to be good.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Still moving

As my secretary says, it is a long process to move. She should know she just moved into a new house. But we are moving into a new house and a new office.

The kids love their new house, new bedrooms to themselves and rec room.

Bob took the cat and dogs over yesterday, he said they are settling in well.

I am at the office tidying up. Got to go to conference tonight, Friday and saturday. I also have to come back for a funeral of one of our long time homebound members who died, the other night. They are waiting on out of town family to come in to be able to do the funeral. She was a much loved member of the church and as everybody said, she was our prayer warrior. I'll miss her she was a sweetie to go visit.

I sit in my office today, crying as I pack. It is so final.

Was at Trinity, Tuesday helping with a workshop. Really enjoyed being with everybody. They were so welcoming. They have been looking for furniture for us since we moved with nothing. They have found some things we need and will still be looking. I appreciate that.

Thanks to all the well wishers and blessings we have recieved.
I'll try to post pictures of the new house when I get a chance.

Monday, June 02, 2008


Meant to post this earlier. We closed on our house Friday. The pod will be picked up today and delivered to our new house. The moving team will come on Tuesday to unload. Bob has already gone to Huntsville this morning with the trailer full of the things that well wouldn't fit in the pod and that you have to bring yourself, lawn equipment.

Kate and Kara have a game tonight and so I am here with them. We are packing all the last little things. And we have the responsibility of doing some of the cleaning as well.

The Pastor Parish committee is meeting with a candidate tonight and they may be bringing he and his wife over to see the parsonage afterwards. Are we ready? Well, as long as they know we are in the process of moving yes.

We will be back and forth between the two places for awhile. This coming Sunday is my last Sunday. From Thursday to Saturday, I will be at the Annual Conference meeting.

Got to get my First 90 day plan sent to the D. S., and the conference liaison.

All this to say, I'll have sporadic use of the internet, and little time to post. I'll try to keep you up on the move and things as I can.