Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pray for Christmas Day on Sunday

Your light has come into our world to shine brightly in our darkness.
We rejoice in your light, we are so glad because with the light you have set us free.
In fact we know and celebrate that even to this day the darkness has not overcome it.
It is through the birth of your son that your light entered into the world
and we too want to be children of light.
We are grateful for the birth of your son
who has become known as the wonderful counselor.
Our governments need him as their wise counselor
because they have often become stalemated with each other.
Our churches need him as their ideal counselor,
because they are at a loss as how to deal with our culture
that sees the church as irrelevant.
Our families need him as their counselor
because they struggle with how to be a healthy family in this day and age.
We as individuals need him as our sage counselor
to help us in how to live as your children of the light.

And we are grateful for the birth of your son who has become known as Mighty God.
We need a Mighty God to establish justice in this often unjust world.
We need a Mighty God to bring about righteousness in a world
that is often anything but righteous.
We need a great big God to believe in when it appears there is so little to believe in.
We need a strong God when we feel so small, so weak and so puny.

We are grateful for the birth of your son who has become known as Everlasting Father.
We need the everlasting father for those who are fatherless, for those who have been abandoned by their fathers, and for those who don’t have good fathers.
We need the everlasting father for his love and his mercies for all of us.
We need the everlasting father for guidance, leadership, firmness yet gentleness.
We need the father who lives forever that we get to live with forever.

We are grateful for the birth of your son who has become known as Prince of Peace.
We need a Prince of Peace in a world that is always at war with one another.
We need a Prince of Peace to help us navigate the conflicts of relationship
we often meet in life.
We need a Prince of Peace to calm and sooth our hearts, our minds, and our souls.
We need a Price of Peace to establish his Kingdom of peace in our lives forever.

Lord what a wonderful gift you have given us in your son Jesus who is the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
We thank you for this gift today and everyday.

Merry Christmas!

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Prayer for Advent 4B

God of Advent,
We are so close to Christmas Day, that
We can see your light shining in the dark
As we come closer and closer.
And as we draw nearer we find ourselves
tempted by all the busyness
Of the holidays to lose our focus on you.
Help us o Lord to keep our eyes on you.

God of Advent,
We have been waiting for what seems like a long time
For that special day to celebrate the birth of your son.
We have waited with hopeful hearts.
We have waited with longing for your peace.
We have waited with a desire for your joy.
And now we wait with a yearning for your love to be born in us again.

God of Advent,
When your steadfast love is birthed in us we will sing of you
And your love forever and ever.
When we are anointed by your love,
we will open our hearts and hands to the lonely, the needy,
the sorrowful, and those who are hurting.
We pray that we are able to share your love with all we meet.

God of Advent,
We pray that we are able to say yes to you when you call.
We pray that we are able to say “Here I am to you Lord.”
We pray that we can be your servants.
We pray that we can say as Mary said so long ago,
“Let it be with me according to your word.”
May all that we are glorify you, and may we rejoice in you
For you are our God, You are the rock of our salvation.
Yes, all our praise and love is focused through Jesus
On you o God.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Prayer for Advent 3B

God of Advent,
Pour your Holy Spirit on us as you did so long ago,
So that we may be bearers of your good news to those who are oppressed.
Anoint us with your spirit of hope so that we may heal the broken hearted.
Put your spirit of justice in our hearts so that we may declare liberty to the captives.
Bring forth your love so that we may pardon the prisoners.

God of Advent,
Make this be the day of the Lord when all who mourn are comforted.
Make this be the day when those who are grieving are strengthened.
Make this be the day when those who are in despair rise from their ashes.
Make this be the day where your glory is shown all around.

God of Advent,
Heal and restore our lands where there has been devastation.
Bring peace and reconciliation where there has been wars and fighting.
Reestablish those who have been jobless for too long.
Bring forth your salvation to all.

God of Advent,
May we be like Mary, Praising your name, singing your song from the depths of our souls.
May we spread your good news all around us for all to hear.
May we let people know how much we love you.
May we declare your good works in our lives forever.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Prayer for Advent 2B

God of Advent
We come crying out for all, comfort your people.
Make a path for your people that they can find their way.
Speak tenderly to all whose hearts are wounded.
Bring calmness to all who fear.
Be our Shepherd Lord and carry us as one would carry a lamb.
Feed our hunger Lord.

God of Advent
Show us your mercy and favor.
Forgive us our ways when we turn away from you.
And put your peace into our hearts as we turn back to you
Pour your steadfast love over as like a gentle rain.
Breath your righteousness into our souls.
Make us faithful as we wait.

God of Advent
We do wait for your son to come
We wait for the new heavens and the new earth.
We wait in your peace, your patience and your salvation.
And so we pray come Lord Jesus, come.

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