Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A gated community

We live in a gated community. Seriously tongue in cheek. Last night as I went from room to room to say goodnight to my children, I became aware of the pet gates we had put up in the doorways. I began joking with them about our gated communities. We had to do it, because the new young dog, Skipper was going into their rooms, taking their toys and destroying them. Poor Skipper, now can't get in. The cats like it because they can go in the kids rooms and sleep in peace. They don't like being herded by Skipper. He really means well. It got me thinking about the gated communities in our city and how it is impossible to get in unless you have been invited, or the know you are coming. Not much room for spreading the good news there. I understand in a way wanting to live in one after dealing with Skipper. But it made me think further about our churches. How have we become like gated communites? What does that mean for the 21st century and beyond? What does that mean for the least and the lost? Just thinking out loud.