Sunday, May 28, 2006

Duh Vinni Koda humor

What with all the serious discussion, criticisms going both ways; you knew it was bound to happen. Yes, it has come to my attention that several Parodies on the DVC have been made.
I have selected a few to link you to, but you can just type in Parodies on the DaVinci Code in your Google and find all kind of funnies. So without further adeiu my picks are as follows: A picture from Purgatorio, he has several different takes on the DVC, but this one was the best.
Dan Brown has announced the plot of his Da Vinci Code follow up novel, The Kinkade Code. In this startling new tale, Harvard professor of Religious Symbology, Robert Langdon, discovers hidden clues in the idyllic, bucolic paintings of Thomas Kinkade and uncovers an ancient conspiracy intent on littering Christian homes around the globe with mediocre works of art. Thanks to Marc Heinrich.

Faith Mouse has this cartoon
Thanks Dan Lacey for your cartoon.

The New Yorker Magazine movie critic Anthony Lane has a great take on The Da Vinci Code movie. It will keep you laughing, and you will want to send it on to your friends.

For those of you who are Methodist or like to poke fun at the Methodist; ( I can say this I am one.) Dan Ehl has written this one for the DAILY IOWEGIAN (AND AD EXPRESS) (CENTERVILLE, Iowa). He calls it "The Methodist Conspiracy"

And now for the movies: Here is the Norman Rockwell Code. It is a must see, after all its Barney Fife's son is the dective here. You can watch the trailer or the movie. Oh come on and at least watch the trailer, it is funny.

This Parody is on Google video its called the DVC: The Conspiracy Game. You have got to watch it. It raises some of the Christian objections to the Da Vinci Code in a quite funny and clever way.

Dennis Hurley, an albino actor, made The Albino Code, a parody of Dan Brown’s best-seller Da Vinci Code. Here is what he says about his parody:
Admittedly, I did try my best to audition for the role of Silas, not to further the stereotype, but to bring my own sense of realism to the role (not to mention, landing a part in a Ron Howard film would have been a pretty big break for a struggling actor). Of course, that plum of a role went to Paul Bettany (A Beautiful Mind, Wimbledon) a non-albino from Brooklyn.
So, instead of complaining endlessly, I wrote a short film parody, entitled The Albino Code, with the following premise: "What if the story of The Da Vinci Code could be told from Silas’s point of view? And what if Silas were an actual person with albinism thrust into a world of secret codes, mystery, and assassination?"
It's been featured on CNN, MSNBC and ET to name a few.

Okay, enough of the parodies for now. Choose your poison, and enjoy. I haven't seen the actual movie yet, have started reading the book, but have enjoyed veiwing the parodies. Let me know if you like them or find any more.


Quotidian Grace said...

Love them! Especially the New Yorker review and the Google movie The Conspiracy Game. Thanks for the links!

SingingOwl said...

The Kinkade Code? Ahahahahahah!

Sad thing is, the man can paint. I saw some of his work before he began his current paintings of cottages and flowers etc.

Mediocre sells, I guess.

Anyway, thanks for the links. I needed the laughs.