Saturday, February 26, 2011

Prayer for Epiphany 8/Ordinary 8

Holy one,
You offer us your salvation for our world of darkness.You offer us no more hunger or thirst for our barren land.
You offer us joy and compassion for our sadness and grief.
You offer us calm and quiet for our anxious souls.

Let us accept and receive what you offer us Lord.
Let us put our trust in you.
Let us praise you in confidence for your wondrous acts of love.
Let us serve you in love.
Let us tell others of your salvation, and compassion
for their lives, their burdens their worries.
Let us show others the kind of Grace Giving God you are.

We pray for those who do hunger and thirst.
We pray for those whose lands are no longer any good for growing crops.
We pray for those whose lives are empty and barren.
We pray for those who are carrying loads of sadness and grief.
We pray for those who lives are nothing but worry.

Lord fill your world with your care, grace and mercy

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