Thursday, December 31, 2009

saying goodbye, hello

It is that time again to say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new year. I have done resolutions and I am done with them. I have done nothing, and well then I did nothing. I haven't quite decided how I will do it this year other then saying goodbye and hello. I read yesterday at the Compassion International's blog a post about "Using one word to fight poverty in 2010". I find myself intrigued by this idea of "asking the Holy Spirit what He has in store for you in 2010. Ask Him to give you a one-word theme for the upcoming year. Not a phrase, not a statement, just a single word." I don't think I have ever boiled anything down to one word. I find that even writing a brief vision statement difficult. Its an idea a thought. But if it helps fight poverty, I am all for it. So what one word would the Holy Spirit have for you for this year? What one word would it be to fight poverty in 2010?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

trying to not want a new car

The new car ads proliferate the tvs, magazines, radio and web this time of year. Have you noticed that? Without realizing it, I found myself starting to pay attention to them and then slowly this desire for a new car started creeping in. And then I found myself comparing my old car to the new ones; looks, fuel efficiency, navigation system, sattelite radio or mp3 players, or green. I started salivating. But I did not want a new car before this started, I was satisfied with my car, and it was paid for. No it does not have some of the new technology in it, but that was not an issue for me. But ooh the ads were like sirens calling me. I have been fighting them off. So what if my car has paint chipping, dings in it, spills from the kids, and marks from them too. It was paid for. Ha. Can a new car say that? I don't think so, ooh but they are so pretty, sexy, and get better gas mileage and are green. It has big time mileage on it, but the dealer says there is no reason it should go for even higher mileage, why, because we take care of the engine. Whoopee. Help me not want a new car, tie me to the mast, put ear plugs in my ears, whatever it takes. I will not buy a new car.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter Break with kids

I am not on Winter Break, I am actually oncall since Friday. The kids are on winter break. Kids should not be let out of school or structured enviroment for as long as winter break lasts. Kids tend to get testy with the limits and household rules, well really testy. Even though they have new toys and things to keep them busy along with their older toys and things, they get bored quickly or at least that is what they tell us. Its been a little too cold to go outside for long lengths of time, and well there is no snow to play in. Parents start to get anxious, frustrated and unsure of their parenting skills. And they even have books they got from Santa to read and enjoy, but they want to read mine. Maybe I should let them. But it makes for my not being able to do any reading. If I were on winter break we would be in florida visiting family or at some resort somewhere. But since I am not we are here trying to be parents during winter break.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Christmas Let Down

Waiting for the post Christmas let down to come. I can't remember a post Christmas that it didn't come. Sometimes it was worse than others. But it hasn't come. And you know what I don't think it is going to come. I have feeling I am in a different place in my life. And if it does come I think because I am in a different place I can deal with it.

Sometimes for me it was because I didn't get what I wanted. Sometimes it was I had to work through Christmas or was away from family. Sometimes it was because I wasn't married and was lonely or worse I thought there was something wrong with me. Sometimes it was because I had worked so hard I was stressed out by the time it was all over. I have such perfectionistic attitudes that get me in trouble if I don't let God's grace rule in my heart. Sometimes I have such high expectations that nothing can make me happy. Sometimes I was looking for something that just wasn't there. Sometimes it was because of disappointment in myself or my family. Sometimes it was because of the brokeness in my relationships. Sometimes it was because of my not being close to God. Sometimes it was because I was in the midst of a depressive episode.

What brings your post Christmas let down?
What have you done to deal with it?