Thursday, August 31, 2006

Quotation from Albert Einstein

My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind. by Albert Einstein He also said; Before God we are all equally wise - and equally foolish. His most famous quote was this; 'I want to know God's thoughts ... the rest are details.' Einstein did once comment that "God does not play dice [with the universe]."

He was a US (German-born) physicist; discovered special relativity 1905 & general relativity 1915-1916; explained photoelectric effect & Brownian motion; Nobel Prize in Physics 1921.

This page has some of Einstein's thoughts on Science and Religion. This site clarifies some of his thoughts on Religion as well. This also addresses his thoughts on Religion and Science.This page has links to some of his other writings. This page lists his books he has written that you can by at

You can also buy a Albert Einstein Action Figure.


"imagine the darkness in love with the light." said...

love the action figure. ^^

Cathy said...

You can also go here and have any quote by Einstein written on a chalkboard. It's sooooo cool!

Have fun!