Friday, September 01, 2006

It is so hot and dry...

This was sent to me by my clergy friend, Mike Brinkman who serves McCoy UMC in Anniston, AL. Enjoy. You are free to use this.

It is so hot and dry that:
The Baptists have started sprinkling,
The Methodists are using a wet wash cloth,
The Presbyterians are giving rain checks and,
The Catholics are turning wine back in to water.
(And the Episcopalians are drinking it.)
Now friends, that is DRY.


swandive said...

So good - I think I will use it. Bless you and stay cool (in every sense of the word)

Abbey of the Arts said...

This has been Seattle's second driest summer on record! Another sunny weekend in the 80's forecast. Can't wait for those cool rainy days to return. Thanks for this great post. Have a wonderful weekend. Christine