Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Comedy of errors

It all began rather pleasantly, nothing out of the ordinary. The church was having a picinic at one of the member's lakehouse. It was a beautiful drive out to the place. We took our boat and put it in the water at the community boat ramp. No problem there.
Road the boat across the lake over to the lake house. Beautiful setting. Had a good time being with the members, sitting by the lake, talking and then eating. Great food. After we ate, which inlcuded homemade ice cream,(yum yum) we had a devotional, I mean I led a devotional. Thanks to the revgalblogpals, I did one on the fruits of the spirit. Then the trouble began.
We went to take people for a boat ride, and the engine wouldn't start. Thought at first it was the battery. But no it was not the battery. Thought it was the battery cable, but not it was not. Turns out it was the starter, so no boat ride. But wait what to do with the boat? We are across the lake from the trailer, and the boat ramp. Well all the men stood around, and then they got an idea. Uh oh is this dangerous or what? Apparently at one time the family used to put their boat in right there by the dock and there was gravel there for launching your boat. So their idea is that someone will take Bob to get the trailer and put the boat on the trailer. (Now don't get ahead of yourself, but you are probably right). Bob comes back with trailer which he backs up into the lake onto what is suppose to be gravel. The men push the boat over toward the trailer and onto the trailer. Some of them are in the water now. They get the boat on the trailer, can't get it all the way on, so Bob backs up a little further. Yes, you guessed it, the car is now stuck.
So men gather together again to figure out what to do, and have another brillant idea. They'll hook some chains to the front of the car, and to the back of one of the trucks and they'll pull the boat and car out of the water. So Bob hooks up the chain to where he thinks you are suppose to do it, like a wrecker would do. Only...only...he didn't, he has hooked it to something that breaks when they pull the car. And oh the car and boat are still stuck. They think it is the oil pan, but the guy who is a engine genius and figured out the starter problem, figures out it is instead the transmission fluid line. Which is worse? But it means, the car is going no where and we need a tow truck and ride home. But then we decide to do the tow truck the next day because it is getting really late. Luckily, they had brought the church van so we had a ride back.
Poor Bob is in agony over the whole thing, and feels like an absolute failure. He is kicking himself all over the place. I say to him, you know Bob we are alive, we had a good time, we are all together, its okay. Its fixable. I'll work out. How many times have I done something wrong or made a booboo.(Don't go there.)
So today we go back to the lake house with the tow truck. He pulls the car, the boat up out of the water. We unhook the boat, so he can transport the van to get repaired. It was a beautiful drive out there and back. Zach had a good time being with mommy and daddy. It will all work out. But it truly was a comedy of errors. Oh and when the van is fixed we will go back and get the boat. Then depending on how much the car costs, we'll think about fixing the boat motor. Yes, indeed a comedy of errors.


chartreuseova said...

I was Bob. I am Bob. And I will be Bob again. I'm always thankful when God sends a RevAbi into my life to tell me "It'll work out".

You are so gracious. That's something I'm still working on.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Oh no!

I learned a long time ago that, if a problem can be fixed with money...throw money at it. It is the problems that money cannot fix that are real problems!

Sounds like ya'll had a good time despite the incident. ~laffin~ a group of men can be dangerous!

will smama said...

Ah yes testosterone figuring out problems... it's a wonder someone didn't decide to shoot it!