Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ode to Blogger

Oh Blogger, oh Blogger,
Where for art thou?
Thou didst forget me at the balcony of life.
There is no sun or moon in thine eyes.
I have lost my passion for thee,
for thee have lost thy passion for me

Oh Blogger, oh Blogger,
Thou wilt not post my pictures, art work,
Thou loosest them somewhere in the blogosphere.
I search for them night and day
alas no sight of them hast I seen,
I have lost my passion for thee,
and it seems thee for me.

Quick get thee some maintenance or aspirin
or some new css or html so that thou
can once again shine in my eyes
and the eyes of the blogosphere
Thou didst not accept my latest post
nor would thou savest my post.
I have lost me passion for thee,
and thee for me.

Now as this is an ode to Blogger,
Thou must admit that part of its attraction
is that it is free,
and as Journey Mama didst say,
it is the bain of its existence.
I have really lost all passion for thee,
and I don't care if thee have any for me.


SingingOwl said...

Aaarrggghh! I'm not tech savvy or I'd be switching right this minute. Driving me nutso!

Quotidian Grace said...


What Blogger user cannot identify with it?