Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Faith and Theology.com

If you have not discovered this wonderful blog on Faith and Theology, by Benjamin Meyers, you need to click on over there now. Don't hesitate, that's it, click it on and you will be glad you did.
You see most theology books, courses are in language that is often hard for the average Abi/Joe to understand. It often seems that well, that's for the ivory tower phders, or those studying in seminary to be a preacher. And those in seminary who are studying to be a preacher are often more eager to get out and be preaching than to be studying Theology. But there are those who fall in love with the study of Theology, the books, the Theologians, their ideas, the discussions, well it goes on and on. And frankly, it went on over my head many a time when I was in class. Often when I am at preacher's meetings or conferences, and peers begin to discuss Theology or the latest book or Theologian; I must confess I feel this disconnect in my brain, and I am off to the beach in my mind. I just get really anxious, I know, I know, I am a preacher, and that has to do with Theology.
But when I read the blog Faith and Theology I really connect and can understand what the Theologian is saying. I guess I am one of those that like to bring it down to where we live, where the rubber hits the road. One of the things I like that Benjamin is doing lately is a series on "Theology for Beginners". Wow what a great thought. So far he has three posts: The Outline; Here’s a provisional outline of the new “Theology for Beginners” series (21 posts in 6 sections). No doubt this outline will change once I start writing the posts – but it should at least give you a rough idea of what to expect: Here is what he is posting right now:

1. Faith
2. Theology
3. Gospel

He has a summary for each topic, and then a more indepth study. At the end he posts some books and resources for further reading on each topic.
Here is his summary for Faith
  • "In faith, we respond to the God who has already grasped us, and we discover that the reality of God is the meaning of our lives."

Here is his summer for Theology

  • Theology is the attempt to express faith verbally in a responsible way.

Now doesn't that make sense? Well it did to me. I am looking forward to the future posts on
“Theology for Beginners”. I'll keep you up on when he writes his next post on Gospel.

Benjamin also has some really good links, and other good posts. He even has a post answering the question Why is Theology Boring? "Theology is an intensely personal activity. If I am teaching or writing theology, I am offering a confession of my own faith, and in exactly this way I am attempting to express the faith of the whole church. Wherever faith is truly expressed, it is eo ipso the faith of the church. "

So there you have it, go and be bored no more, and quit boring other people. Besides, Jesus was anything but boring. And we who call ourselves Christians, are not meant to be boring either.

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