Friday, August 18, 2006

Top 5 Bible Names

Now lest you think this be serious, thou must hasten thyself over to Bill Arnold's take on the Top 5 Bible Names

He asks what are your favorites and gives you a link to a list of names.

Now friends, I like what he has done, but I wonder if there are some female names that fit his categories also. If you come up with some names, male or female put them in the comment section for us to read.

Priscilla seems to me fit his category, especially when you say it with Aquilla, which is who she is married to in the bible. Now try this, Priscilla wife of Aquilla was a Disciple in Corinth. Interestingly enough, Priscilla in Torrey is the same as Prisca, which puts us even closer to Prissy. I had a friend whose Pug was named Prissy, and boy was she Prissy. Priscilla in Greek means Ancient. According to the Baby names Guide in Latin it means of Ancient Times. Mmm, wonder how it came to mean Prissy acting? Where did that come from?

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mid-life rookie said...

While this is not a name in the Bible, it is a name from the Bible. I have two ancestors named from Mark 5:41, a great,great grandmother born in 1851 named Talitha Jane, and on another branch of the family tree, my grandmother's great aunt, Talitha Cumi. In the story of Jesus healing Jairus' daughter (Mark 5: 21-43) he tells her, "talitha cumi" (KJV) which Mark tells us means "little girl arise." I don't know if the names were chosen for the "little girl" or the miracle. Either way, I think it is lovely.

Personally, I like Abigail. Of course she was a problem solver who took matters into her own hands without checking with God - something I'm prone to do.

Thanks for the fun post.