Friday, August 11, 2006

Thanks for the prayers and thoughts

I am deeply touched by all the prayers and thoughts that have been sent our way about Bob's emergency room visit. Wow. And so many of you can relate to this gallbladder thing. He is fine. A bit tired, but fine. I think in some ways it was once again enlightening to what people go through who go to the emergency room.
You see, the job he has applied for, interviewed for, and finalizing a lot of paperwork and other matters for is an emergency room job.

And of course without fail, as a Pastor we are going to spend lots of time with members and their families in the ER.
This week left me tired from the very beginning. But we are fine. No more gallbladder or gas pains for Bob.

Thank you to all for asking, praying, and commenting. You all are the best!!


Cathy said...

Gallbladder surgery today is so different than 25 years ago when mine was removed. I am glad that things went well. Gallbladder pain == OUCH!

Victoria said...

I will continue praying for Bob; gall bladder pain is no laughing matter. My husband recently ended up in the emergency room for similar abdominal pain only to find out his appendix had ruptured 3 days previously (while at the ECUSA convention). Emergency surgery got all the infection out though and it wasn't long before he was back on his feet!

Sally said...

So glad Bob is no longer in pain- praying for both his health and the job application... interesting perspaective you have been given through this insider view of the ER!