Friday, August 18, 2006

RevGalBlogPals meme: Brilliantly British Friday Five

Brilliantly British Friday Five
In the spirit of My Word! and Says You!, Songbird and Kathryn offer up a Brilliantly British Friday Five.Below you will find five phrases seen or heard by Songbird on her British holiday. Use your imagination to define them. Points will be granted for humor. If you are one of our British RevGals, don't play, but please e-mail either Songbird or Kathryn to let us know of any definitions you find particularly amusing or inventive. There will be lovely prizes provided by Kathryn (Diocesan magazine, St. M's notelets, history of St. M's, parish magazine--come on Barbara Pym fans, I know you want that last one!!!), so do your best!

Adverse Camber An unfavorable, unpleasant, undesirable beach comber. Like as in; Set Free was combing the beach for shells, there passed by an adverse Camber. She quickly picked up her shells and moved on, as she didn't want to be near that one.

Butts Wynd This is a fart that has been emitted with a great and blustery sound, also smell. This does not need to be elaborated on.

Plague Church This a house of worship that is infectious. Such as in The spirit within the church was so infectious that many people flocked to worship. It can also be seen as a place of worship that is sick. Such as the congregation at St. Michael's were a ill-tempered lot, that very few worshiped there. Or it could be a Cathedral that plagued the town.

Free House One would be tempted to say that the house was free, but one would be wrong, for there is no such thing as a free house, for one must pay the taxes. That being said one could also think one was invited to one's house for a fortnight, but one would be wrong also, because the person will not be there, and really they don't want any company after all. Now one would think this means free on the house, such as all drinks on the house, but that person had no money so it really wasn't free either. So really there is no such thing as a free house, its just a saying, and it is lost in time and space and thought and the blogosphere.

Mind the Gap This a saying that women will tell each other in the bathroom of an eatery or pub, before going out the door. Or it can be said to one in their home, or business in private, Or the female priest before they enter the pulpit, or your mum can say to you. And what is this mind the gap about? It is to be sure you are minding the gaps made by all your curves, buttocks, hips, and well you know. It is like telling a gentlemen that they are unzipped. You just don't tell them in front of everybody. Fortunately with the advent of the girdle and other smoothing body wear that Peace Bangs tells us about, you don't seem to hear Mind the Gap as much any more.

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hipastorzwife2B said...

Well played. I must visit peacebang, I guess.

Songbird said...

Nicely done!

"imagine the darkness in love with the light." said...

lol. loved those. definitly will have to remember mind the gap. casue it's so true