Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The 25 Most Important Questions

People magazine has its 50 Most Beautiful People … Time has a Person of the Year … And mental_floss magazine - besides having tons of fascinating, cool, and juicy stories, anecdotes, and trivia - now has something that trumps ‘em both:

The 25 Most Important Questions
in the History of the Universe.

Hard questions that matter, like "can a pregnant woman drive in the carpool lane?" or "how can I win at that ultra-important-corporate-decision-making- process, rock-paper-scissor?" and of course, "is turkey a country or a bird first?". Wait, is it *really* a natural bird? Never mind - don’t answer that.

The folks at mental_floss were friendly enough to let us feature their stuff - something that will become a regular feature here at Neatorama (so be kind to them and visit their brand new and very chic blog, ok?). The text is verbatim from the articles, although I did add links, pics, videos and probably a couple of typos.

I like Mental Floss, have gone there off and on to floss my brain when it gets to much tartar and plaque buildup. Some of you mental whizzes will appreciate their magazine. "Its where you can feel smart again." And it is "where knowledge junkies get their fix." Not so sure about Netorama, it seems to be, well of the unusual.

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