Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Alabama Renaissance Faire

We went to the Renaissance Faire,
because the girls were dancing there Saturday. They danced great!
We stayed awhile afterwards to see what all was going on.
We bought the kids some wood swords and shields. (Was that a mistake?)
The kids were just taken by the all the costumed people. "Mom, look there!" "Mom, What is he suppose to be?" "Mom, there's the queen." "Mom, that's a bad guy." "Mom, they scare me."
As we were sitting eating our hotdogs, yes hotdogs, the photographer for the paper came by and asked if he could take a picture of Kate with her shield.
He got her to tell him all about the shield. She was a little shy, but obliged.

So here is Kate at the Renaissance Faire
with her shield taken by Jim Hannon


Songbird said...

We have a Renaissance outfit that your girls might enjoy for dress-up. If you might like it, drop me an e-mail!

Cathy said...

What a cute picture!

Gary Wood said...

We have a Medieval Fair here in Norman OK every spring and we enjoy them. I always like to get messy while eating a turkey leg.