Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Shine on Shine on Harvest Moon

It is almost time for the full moon that is called the Harvest Moon. I have been
watching the moon at night as it
gets fuller and fuller.

Sometimes I am alone, and I just sit and watch in awe of the jewel in the sky. It is quite and yet I think I hear the stars and the moon singing a song of praise to their maker. And I want to join in their tune.

I am taken back to my childhood with my grandparents looking in the night sky. I can hear my Grand Daddy now, "Look Abigail, there's so

and so, and that's the dipper, and that's the bear.

See them." And I would look up intensely trying to see what he saw. I did figure out the big dipper pretty well, and can still do it.
But I am not that good with the other stars. I even took Astronomy in college thinking that would help. It helped lower my G. P. A., but it didn't take away from my love for the night sky. People call me a night owl, that's when I do a lot of my writing, thinking, dreaming, working through feelings, situations. I am peace in the nighttime. Thankfully I have always lived where I had good views of the night sky and her glimmering stars. Even lived underneathe the flight path to the Atlanta Airport. I loved to see the jet lights show up admidst those stars. We live on the edge of the city, there is still enough darkness here to see the stars, the moon, and whatever else God shows off in the night. The full moom is on Oct 6th at 11:13pm. I'll be looking at teh moon and stars again tonight, and then on the 6th.


Anonymous said...

Hi RevAbi,
I do not often leave a comment for you, but I do read your blog (most days) and so appreciate the reflections and prayers. You are a blessing.

HeyJules said...

Thanks for the heads up on this. I sat outside and captured a few good shots last night and will be out there again tonight. There's just nothing like a full harvest moon!

Marty said...

Because you wrote this, I realized there was a full moon tonite. I walked out, embraced its glow, and headed to bed, charged and recharged, by the nighttime glow.