Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Grief for a young man

First: Yesterday, got a call from a friend that her young nephew had died in a car accident, would I come over? You bet I would. The trouble is, I knew this young man. I met him when I moved into Wadley. He was funny, engaging, handsome, wild, and in high school. His Aunt and Uncle, and cousins were church members of the church I Pastored. He went across the parking lot to the Baptist Church with his family. Watched him grow, graduate, get training to weld, and go to work. He was a good boy with a good job. His death was sudden. He happened to lose control, drift over into the other lane where he met an oncoming car. It was instantaneous. His family is devastated. I went to be a friend, and left to cry. I just cannot imagine. This morning I was looking over pictures of my little ones and just cried. Could not imagine if it was one of them.


Rachel's Big Dunk said...


I am so sorry about your young friend. It must be really hard to try and comfort others when you, yourself, are grieving.

Prayers for you all.


Marty said...

Visitation at the funeral home was officially from 5 till 8 pm. The family was there recieving condolences until 10:30pm.
The funeral today was at 1pm. Virginia and I went at 12:30 and couldn't find a seat. The outpouring of sympathy was beyond measure for this little town.
I pray that the father and mother will reach out when they need comforting to the many who offered such comfort over these past few days.