Monday, October 16, 2006

The Ministry of the laity

The Ministry of the Laity

Sunday was Laity Sunday in our church it was when we celebrated the ministry of the laity. It was a well done lay laid service. I did do the Pastoral prayer and benediction. It was not a sloppy worship service. Our Administrative Council Chairperson preached a sermon on the "I" church. He said some things in there that if I said them they would have been dismissed. It was a really good sermon and a challenge to the laity of the church. As he was preaching I was thinking he has some gifts for preaching and that they need to be affirmed. So in my remarks which I had space for I affirmed him for preaching. And then after all was done, I asked him if he had considered lay speaking? He said to me well you know what, June just said something to me about it. Now June is our Lay leader and is a certified lay speaker. She was the chair of the District Lay Speaking, but stepped down this year. I hope he thinks about it, and prays, I am praying for him too. He also sings in the church, and does some fine solos. So does June. I am blessed to have these two as leaders in the church. The biggest thing about the "I church" is that it cannot be about you, or to just meet your needs, that it is about worshiping and serving Jesus. That all of us have gifts to serve God. Way to go Greg. I pray that ears were open to hear and answer that call.

I need to get a copy of the sermon. This sunday we also blessed the shoe boxes for Honduras children. It was amazing how many people took the lists and filled the shoe boxes full for these children. June had brought only about 3 boxes, thinking only a few would take them, but instead she had to go back and get more boxes. And then one of our youth asked if he could take a bunch for his club at school to fill up, and he took 25. Wow. The children with their little dimes and nickels that they bring up every Sunday were able to fill up 2 and half boxes. We ourselves filled up three boxes representing each one of our children. They really got excited about it. I believe we would have done more, except the due date was changed from Nov 1st to Oct 16th which gave us very little time. What an outpouring of love.

We are having a free Fall festival on Sunday the 29th. Saturdays around here are full, and are football Saturdays. You heard me right too, it is free. One of the older women in the church asked if she could go around with me and hand out flyers. I said, " You betcha." So we set a date this week to go around and hand out circulars. She said "you know I can't do as much as I used to, but I can do this." She now lives in Assisted Living in Sheffield, and gets around on a walker. God love her. You know I am going to go around with her if she is willing. And I bet we have fun too.

You know I am going to celebrate the gifts of the laity. Thank you God.

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Dr. Tony said...

Tell your Ad. Council chair that's how I got started.

One year I organized the Laity Sunday program and fifteen years later look what I am doing.

We will be praying that he hears the call.