Monday, October 16, 2006

Update on Kara

Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts. Kara is better and went to school today. We knew she was better when she was acting plain silly about everything. The fever was gone Saturday night, so no going to the hospital. Yea!

She was very clear though, she does not want to go back and see the Doctor anytime soon. We had to cancel her surgery for today, but that's okay we will reschedule it. I had a devil of a time reaching the surgeon to let him know, though.

On top of that the person who was scheduled to preach for me Sunday night, was not able to. I ended up putting something together at the last minute. And then I just preached from the heart without notes. It wasn't long, and no one said anything, but it was done.

So; merci, gracis, Xie Xie, Danke schoen, Efharisto, Mahalo, Toda, Grazie, Shukriyaa, Arigato, Kamsa hamaida, Spasiba, Ahsante, Tack, Takk, Shakkran and thanks yall!!!!!

And as of yesterday afternoon, Zachary is sick with fever, a cough, and runny nose, but we think he has a cold. It is that time of year though.

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Lorna said...

you forgot Kiitos :)