Thursday, November 02, 2006

In which I make good on my word to go see my Doctor

In this post: St.John's" Rev Abi: Pay attention girl: Its National Breast Cancer Awareness Month I blogged about the importance of getting your mammogram done for early detection of breast cancer. I admitted I had not had one in awhile even before our move. I also shared how I got started getting regular mammograms at a young age and have pretty much kept getting yearly mammograms.

Well for those who wondered. I did get my appointment for a physical, and the Doctor did it all including blood work, pap smear, and xrays. And I have an appointment for a mammogram. I then will be going back to for a followup. What they found that concerned them and is part of why I went to see them, was possible high blood pressure. It is on my father's side of the family. He thinks though if I get to exercising more regular, continue with my weight watcher's program and weight loss, I may not have to take the medicine. I sort of knew that, but I just have not been able to motivate myself to get back to regular exercise or to make it a priority. But this week I have committed myself to that regular exercise, even with the wet weather. Okay, so how did I do it? I walked around the church and sanctuary one day for 20 minutes. We have a pretty good size sanctuary and hall way. Then I walked in the gymn and up and down the steps the next day. Will I do it today? Yes I will.
You see until Bob goes back to work and we have a flow of his income, we can't afford the gymn or Y cost yet. But the Doctor knew about our basketball gymn from his kids playing there and encouraged me to do it. Why did it take his encouragment to do it? Or was it a receptivity on my part? Who knows but for today I am walking. How about you?
And yes I have continued my weightwatchers and losing weight. Yesterday was hard with all the candy around, and I did eat some. But overall, I am doing pretty good with the program, and have come to enjoy the vegetables too. The good byproduct is that our two girls who became too Americanized are starting to enjoy their vegetables too. The boy has always like his and kept liking them, even begs for them. How about you?

Well, several of my revgalblogpals have posted their thoughts, concerns and experiences on breast cancer.
Cheesehead says she has called her Doctor, and then asks have you?
reverend mommy gives some breast cancer urls and her story.
Mary Beth walked the Sue Komen with a friend of hers who is a survivor.
Cheaper than Chocolate is a recent survivor of breast cancer. She also has a love/hate with the pink ribbons everywhere.
Quotidian Grace played golf for Breast Cancer Research. (mmm, I might need to take up golf again, if just for a worthy cause? Wonder if there might be a revgalblogpals golf tourney in the future for a worthy cause?)
If I forgot you, forgive me, and just include your link in the comment section.
And go get your mammogram, your pap smear, your blood work, your xrays, your psa, your colonoscopy, your fasting blood work,whatever it is you need for physical self. Remember, and I am saying this to me too; Paul wrote that your body is a temple of the holy spirit. (Something I forget all too often.)


dead sea princess said...

Hi,maby its can be interest for u !
(by the way u have very nice blog :)

zorra said...

Good for you!! I was feeling pretty smug about having followed through on the mammogram, the pap, even the colonoscopy (don't worry, I don't plan to blog that)...but I have gotten away from the EXERCISE, and the weight I was so proud of losing is creeping back...There's no fancy way to motivate yourself to exercise, you just have to stand up, put one foot in front of the other, and go do it. And if you are me, then you say, "I feel so much better when I do this; why is it so hard to go?"

Mary Beth Butler said...

You go girl! I am having trouble with WW and exercise commitments too. Or rather, following through with the commitments....I'm really good at MAKING them.

Let's do it together.

Anonymous said...

I hope that last paragraph was not addressed to any one person; anyone who needs a Pap smear _and_ a PSA would seem to have a very special medical situation.