Sunday, October 15, 2006

Abi's seal

And if anyone wants to know what the English translation of English is, let me know, and I'll tell you. You too can make your own at


Abbey of the Arts said...

Tell me, tell me! Please. . . :-)

Free Flying Spirit said...

I like your labyrinth seal.

I have a finger one that I had laminated. And I have walked a real one, but found it a bit dizzying with the tight turns and my cane.

It was at our Conference meeting and I met a friend coming the other direction half-way through so we hugged as we turned to go by each other and went on our way.

They are quite spectacular. Many forms, or reasons for meditation come to mind in finger-walking mine.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Abi.

revabi said...

Okay some inquiring minds want to know, damnant quodnon intelligunt translates into "They condemn what they do not understand". beati pacifici translates into "Blessed are the peacemakers".

And of course in the middle of seal is not a maze, but a labyrinth. Of course if you walked a labyrinth or read about one, then you know that it is a way to the sacred center and then the way back out to live.

revabi said...

Thanks free flying spirit. I have walked one too. I bet you do have to slow down on those curves. I have gotten myself dizzy walking too fast. That's neat they had one at your conference. I have found one on line that I have used as well.

Anonymous said...

Funny! My family's "motto" has always been "non illigitimum carborundum" (don't let the bastards wear you down!)

I think I need to go create a seal! :)


revabi said...

Yes, do go make one. I was trying to remember that one, but couldn't so it was meant to be yours.

Humor-Me said...

Customize more images on Web 2.0 image tools site ;)