Wednesday, October 11, 2006

kitty finds a new home

A couple of weeks ago, I was a lost kitty, not sure how it happened. I saw a cute family at the gas station, but there was too much noise, so I ran away. I was hoping though i could find them or my old family. I just kept looking and walking. I wasn't looking too pretty, cause I had gotten dirty. But lo and behold down the street I find a church and some kids playing out front, i think i have seen two of them before. They get real excited and go running in the church. It scares me and I run away again. The momma comes out, but can''t find me. The kids leave with a man in a big car. I go back to the front door to see if anybody is still there. there are some men there with the kid's momma. And in the confusion i get into the church, haha, I know a good place when I see it. But one of the men catch me and takes me back out. Wah wah. It is dar, and i am afraid, the woman comes picks me up and carries me around to the house next door to see if I belong ther, but I don't. So she leaves at the front door, and starts walking away. I get smart and follow her to wherever she is going, she is going home, boy this is getting really good. She realizes I am following and takes me inside. But i stay in the big room with all the boxes, there are dogs inside the other room, and i am scared of them. Well, i have not left yet, even though they try to find who was my owner. They aren't showing up, I think they dumped me. I have now moved into the other rooms. I have new friends, an older big fat kitty, and a small female kitty. The big fat kitty is the boss, I stay away from her. The other kitty and i have lots of fun. I still watch out for the dogs especially the big one, she likes to chase me. I love my new home, especially the kids and their room. They love me too. Iwant to stay here. If they name you, does that mean they keep you?


net said...

You chose the right place to go, little kitty!

Songbird said...

What a cutie!

Marty said...

U big softie for kittens!

revabi said...

Thank you net. I am being treated so nicely. Thanks Songbird, thats what my new mom keeps saying.
And Marty you know momma Abi too well.