Sunday, May 13, 2007

World's best mom

Have you seen these photos of the world's best mom over at Slate? They are some really good black and white pictures.

Do you consider your mom, the world's best mom?

My kid's these days say to me, "Mom, you are my bestest mom." And I say thanks.

Today, Kara told me she remembers her Chinese mom, and coming out of her stomache. Okay, that's a six year old's version, which led to one of those talks in answer to the question "How can you come out of your mommy's stomache." I told Kara, that she probably does have a memory of her mom and being inside her. I told her I was glad she could remember her. And I told her I wished I could meet her to tell her that I thank her for having Kara. She looked at me funny on that one, but then lept into my arms for a hug and kisses all over, as she puts it.

Do I consider my mom, the world's best mom? I consider my world's best mom. She is the best mom for me. She has had a big inflence on me being who I am. My mom was always giving to others, being there for others in their time of need. She loves Jesus, and she taught me to love Jesus. She used to hum and sing when she was working around the house. Yes, I do too. She also worked outside the home as a nurse, and she was a good one. She raised three kids who are very different. She loves her grand kids and they adore her. She loves her kids, and they love her. So yes, I consider her world's best mom.

Was she perfect? Nah, but neither am I. Did she try her best? Oh yes she did. She would dance and play with us. She did her best to make home life good for us. And I think that's a good thing. She made sure our needs were met. She supported me in getting a college and seminary education. She prays for me and supports me now. She's my mom.

My mom is getting older now and needs us more. Her age is starting to wear on her more. Although she still gets around, is a volunteer for Hospice, and is active in her church and my sisters. She has friends she still goes to visit or goes out to eat with. I hate I am not closer by.

I want to say "thanks Mom, You are my bestest mom!"


Serena said...

Nice post. You and your mom ... and your children ... are blessed!
I like the way you've written this reflection. Thanks for sharing.

revabi said...

Thanks Serena.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Oh I love this post. You are so awesome!