Thursday, May 24, 2007

Festival of Homiletics

Hi, Have you wondered where I was? Why wasn't I blogging? Was I ever going to blog again? Well, here I am. I am at the Festival of Homiletics in Nashville, TN. The reason I haven't been blogging is due to the limited time period I have to use the internet at the place I am staying. I am staying at Scarritt-Bennett at the Vanderbilt Campus. It is a beautiful place. Quiet. Peaceful. Nice little restaurants around. They even have a labyrinth which I have walked a couple of times. But they only keep the building that has the internet open for until 9pm. By the time we have gotten back in the evening, it is just not enough time to even do email. The Festival is great. Great worship. Great preaching. Great teaching. It is just great.(Have I used great too much?) But the parking downtown is a night mare, and the cost is more than I am used to paying. But I realize I don't live in a big city or go downtown much. Logistics has every one scattered about. And did I say that there are 1600 people here. Now how am I suppose to find anybody with that many people? But I did meet-up with the revgalblogpals who are here last night, and it was good to meet them and be with them. Today I saw some guys from the methoblog who were help lead the emerging worship service. How do they have time to do all the things they do?

This afternoon we went to the Upper Room, which was a nice experience. There were also more books one could buy. But I did not buy any there. Don't tell Bob I bought some at the Festival though. I have got to quit buying books and read the ones I have bought. And I have to finish Velvet Elvis for Monday's discussion. But I am having a good time and learning a lot. I haven't stopped blogging or left this world. I'll try to write more as I can.


Cathy said...

Well, I actually did wonder when you were going to get to blogging about this conference. Glad you are having a good time and we look to hearing about it more!
tomorrow..last day of school.

unmop is my word verification. Can someone "unmop"?

zorra said...

It sounded like a wonderful conference. Do they ever let nonpreachers go?
Actually if I did go I would feel guilty for taking a spot away from a preacher.
I hope you're safely home by now (Friday evening).