Thursday, May 10, 2007

Alabama off Road Folk Art

Cross Garden: Hell's Warning Label

as mentioned in Roadside

I have not been there, nor did I know it existed. But it sounded interesting, and so like Alabama folk art. I guess, I'll have to go see it on one of my beach trips down 65. Sadly in 2004, W. C. Rice, the artist, died. Here's how to get there; On Hwy 82, N of hwy 14. past Country Club, go up hill. On downslope, watch for a paved Autauga County Road 47/Indian Hills Rd on the left. Crosses are just ahead, on both sides of road.
The article says this: "If W.C. Rice's stark Cross Garden doesn't save you, there's no one to blame but yourself. His frightening jumble of white crosses cling to hills on either side of a curving county road next to a trailer park. Rough wooden crosses and peeling hand-lettered signs bearing Bible scripture fragments are nailed to fences, trees, and each other. Everywhere, whitewashed signs explicitly warn -- in blobby black paint -- "You will DIE," and "HELL IS HOT HOT HOT.""

I have included some pictures from the Cross Garden.

There are some other pictures here at this blog post; Best Use of a Junk Car.
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soul and culture said...

Glad to find these directions here. I have wanted to find this place before, but could never get good directions. May have to check it out in September when I fly to Bham and then go to Gulf Shores.

Have you ever been to the Kentuck Festival in Northport in October? Some great folk art there. Well worth the drive.

revabi said...

Yes, I have been to Kentuck. I love it. I even have a couple of things from there.