Saturday, May 12, 2007

Friday Five played on Saturday

Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Five: Potato, Po-tah-to Edition

Reverend Mother was out all day Friday, so she begged our indulgence once again as she posted an early Friday Five.

There are two types of people in the world, morning people and night owls. Or Red Sox fans and Yankees fans. Or boxers and briefs. Or people who divide the world into two types of people and those who don't. Let your preferences be known here. And if you're feeling verbose, defend your choices!
1. Mac? (woo-hoo!) or PC? (boo!) Why yes, the Friday Five author reserves the right to editorialize! PC of course, never had a Mac.
2. Pizza: Chicago style luscious hearty goodness, or New York floppy and flaccid? Pizza in those styles? MMM, being down here in the South we don't always get those choices. We get "You want me to order from Dominos tonight?"
3. Brownies/fudge containing nuts:a) Good. I like the variation in texture.
b) An abomination unto the Lord.
The nuts take up valuable chocolate space.[or a response of your choosing] I don't think I have ever thought of it that way. But I like nuts, especially good pecans from the South local pecans the better the fresher.
4. Do you hang your toilet paper so that the "tail" hangs flush with the wall, or over the top of the roll like normal people do? Okay here's the deal, I like hanging it over the top, it is easier to get to and to get to work. But in the kids bathroom, that led to enormous amount of T. P. disappearing quickly, so they get it flush against the wall. We have since stopped spending a fortune in Toliet Paper.
5. Toothpaste: Do you squeeze the tube wantonly in the middle, or squeeze from the bottom and flatten as you go just like the tube instructs? Hey, I squeeze wherever I want to squeeze it, and I did not know there were instructions written on the tube for flattening it. I leave that to my hubby.

Bonus: Share your favorite either/or. Not sure I have a favorite, but this one I know, here in the state of Alabama, you are either "Roll Tide" or "War Eagle", and that's a fact.


hipchickmamma said...

great friday five--i had no idea that turning it one way or the other would make such a big difference!

Serena said...

Have to ask. What are "Roll Tide" and "Rock Eagle?"

revabi said...

Serena, Roll Tide is the cry for the Alabama football team, and War Eagle is the cry for the Auburn Football team.

Serena said...

Ahhh ... football, of course!