Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Dogs want their turn

This is Lily Bear. Many people think she is a male, because of her looks, but she is a she. Many think she is a mean dog because of her looks, growl and bark. She can be if threatened or you threaten her family. She has some wolf in her and acts like one. Bob is the Alfa. Lily Bear was found in the middle of the road below Wadley on the way to Lafyette, and was given to my daughter Katy. There was no giving her back. She is very sweet, likes her back scratched. She was named after our Liaison in China.

This is Koda, you know like Koda in the Disney movie "Brother Bear." He is a he and acts like a he. He is part Dachshund and part lab. As you can see he is small and long, and has the legs of a daschand, on the other hand he is round and fat, with the black colors of a lab. He gets mixed up about which personality he is. He is loyal like a dog. Very protective like a Dachshund. Loves his mama. Loves the cats. Loves the kids. He is also very funny. Still chewing on anything and everything.


DogBlogger said...

Such cute and wonderful dogs! Thanks for the pics.

(Everybody thinks Cub's a boy, too, so we can appreciate Lily Bear's circumstance...)

zorra said...

They are precious. Thanks for posting their pictures, and I would love to scratch Lily Bear's back. Koda's coat is so shiny!

Sue said...

Aw, such sweet dogs!!

Gord over at "Following Frodo" also has a Lab/Dacshund mix. Interesting.