Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Here our other cats

This the big, fat kitty, Tygger. but you could tell that couldn't you. She is too big to get outside the fence, although she does try to escape out the doors. She was found in the woods with her two siblings. The vet figured her to be three days old, and didn't think the kittens would make it. But they made it, and indeed beyond. All three are big as can be. Two of my friends in Columbus, GA own the other two. Tygger is loving to your family. But not to strangers, she will attack you until she knows you. I have been told that cats raised on the bottle by humans can be like that.

This is Midnight, this is where she regularly sacks out after a night of galavanting in the woods behind our house. I found her at the church. She looked lost, and right away came home with me. She is a sweetie.

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