Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A funeral for Prince Aiden

Thank you to each of you for your prayers, thoughts and support about our cat's death, Prince Aiden. This morning, Zachary said to me, "I loved Prince Aiden, I miss him." I know, I know. This is a picture of Prince Aiden.

Early evening we went out in the woods back of our house to bury him. We found a place not far off the trail, that we could dig up. The kid's wanted to help dig, but the clay was so hard, from lack of rain, that Bob dug it. We placed the body, which was wrapped up and in a trashbag, in the hole. We then said their goodbyes. Well, poor Kara got to giggling and laughing at everything Katy said. We tried to comfort her, because we knew behind the laughter were the tears and sadness. We had to calm Katy down, because she thought Kara was making fun of her. And Zach then wouldn't say anything, because he was afraid, that she would laugh at him. But we explained what was going on, so Katy went on and said her goodbyes, then Zachary. I then gathered us together and held hands as we prayed together. I thanked God for sending us Prince Aiden for a short time. I was crying while I prayed. Kara then got quiet and was crying softly. Then we pushed the dirt back over the grave, patted it down good. Zachary asked for a wooden cross to be put there. They all know where the grave is now and can get to easily if they need to.

This is the second cat we have had to die in the last month, it breaks my heart. The kids go through a litany now; " I miss Rhianna, I miss Prince Aiden. The only cats we have left is big fat kitty, and Midnight." I know, I know.

When Rhianna died, Bob wouldn't let the kids see the body or help bury him. They were really mad at him. I guess he learned his lesson. I told him how important it was to have the kids present so they could do their grieving. Good night sweet prince.

On a happier note, the kids had a great time swimming, and playing yesterday. It was so sweet and pure joy to hear their laughter, and their talking and playing. It was one of those God moments. I was trying to savor it, and hold it close to my heart. I was trying to put it in my memory bank. You sure can't buy these moments, and these times with the kids.


1-4 Grace said...

What great pictures of your pet family!
Prince Aiden looks like Rufus. He was my parents' cat taht would sleep in bed with me whenever i was home to visit. He would actually meow to let me know he needed more room.
SO sorry for the loss. I know it hurts.
Much study has been doen about the fact taht pets are often the first death children experince. I am glad to know you are doing this right. I cringe to hear parents lessen the death of pets and thus a bad introduction to the whoel process for them.
Much better to say yes, this is sad, it hurts, we are thankful for the tiem we had and the blessing of pets in our lives.
You are a good parent. :)

Serena said...

he is beautiful ... and I agree with 1-4 grace .. you be good mom!

DannyG said...

In the last couple of years we have lost 2 18 yr old cats and 1 16 yr old one. The 17 yr old hound is still hanging in there. After so much time together they are parts of the family, and their individual personalities will be missed. I'm so sad for you.