Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wade in the Water

Well would you believe it, I performed a Baptism in a Baptist Church?

One of the children of St. John wanted to be Baptised by immersion. We weren't sure they would let me do it, but they were gracious about it. So we went to the church in the afternoon to do it. I kept it like a worship service, and not just a "dunk and go" service. Quite a few of our church members came out along with the family and extended family. Found out as I was going into the Baptistry that they had also invited the former Pastor to be there too. (He is 18 miles away.)

Well, I didn't want it to be a comedy but it had some of the makings of a good comedy. I have done Baptisms in the rivers, creeks, and swimming pools with no problem, but I weren't sure about this one. It was a cold cold windy day, so I borrowed the Preacher's waders. They of course were twice my size, didn't realize he was such a big man. The worst part was the boots were really big for my feet. As I was going down the steps which were too little for the boots and had no railing, I nearly slipped and fell. But finally got down by leaning over and putting my hands on the outside of the Baptistry. I got to the bottom and helped the girl into the pool. Of course she had no problems, but when she got down into it the water was higher than she. I got her over to the middle which was formed with three platforms. I could see everybody out there, but they could just barely see me and her. Do you know that the water pressure causes the waders to vacuum around you? It was the weirdest feeling. But we did it without a hitch. I was thinking I need to get me my own waders that are made for petite women like me. I have a feeling I am going to be doing a whole lot more Baptism by immersion.

This Baptism brought back memories of my childhood baptism. I remembered going up the back steps around to a room that led to the Baptistry. It was dark and scary for me then. Mom went with me to help out. The water was freezing then, and mom forgot towels and a change of clothes. We still had the service to seat through. I nearly drowned, because I was too short and even though they had some bricks to stand on, I couldn't reach them. But I was baptised and it meant the world to me then, I knew Jesus was in my heart and that I loved Him and He loved me.

There are some pictures of this baptism I did, but they are not digital, I'll have to see if I can scan them in for you to see them. I don't have any from when I was a kid, you know they didn't take pictures of those back then, unless it was a baby's baptism.


zorra said...

The Presbyterian church we attended in CA had a deal with another church down the street that we could use their baptistry if people wanted to be immersed. Glad you had the option of doing this for someone for whom it was obviously meaningful.
The Scientist was raised Baptist, and remembers having to swim (at least tread water) in the baptistry because it was over his head!

April said...

As a Disciple (and in immersion-ist, I suppose), I forget that others don't have to deal with the waders/ baptismal robe/ baptistry issues! I don't have waders, do have a white baptismal robe with weights that is just huge for some reason, and have a baptistry where the water, literally, comes up to my crotch and I'm only 5' 8"! Trying to baptize full-grown adults, especially those over 6 feet in it is ridiculous! I always feel a little bad because every baptism has an element of absudity here. Although, again, perhaps baptism should be a little absurd -- as well as terrifying (as per your Zachary post!!)
Blessings to you and the dunked!!