Thursday, January 04, 2007

Myrtle Beach Morning Musings

We are moving slower this morning after a full full day.

Last night we went to Christ Church UMC for worship at the Big House, their worship for families, kids and parents.

We called it pep rally for Jesus or worshiptainment. Not that there weren't redeeming things, they did bring down to the kids level. It was a lot like the Bear and Big Blue House meets Wiggles, meets Sesame Street, meets Barney, meets Jesus somewhere in there. It was a lot of fun. It was done well. It fits the culture here, Las Vegas on the Beach, Gatlinburg by the Sea, Beach meets Branson. My kids would like it. So perhaps there is something to take away from it for our kids. I did keep waiting for Dora and Boots to show up.

Had a wonderful dinner, and fellowship of seafood. Really enjoyable time of talk, we all sat there a long time after we were done eating talking with one another. Came back to the room and crashed again. I treid working on my sermon for Sunday, but it was making no sense. Amy went swimming in the lazy river an inside pool at the hotel. I passed.

So now we are slowly casually getting ready for today. Wonder what today brings for us?

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