Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tuesday morning United Methodist General Conference Blogging

Methoblog has set aside Tuesdays for blogging about the upcoming General Conference.

I am trying to discern if I should put myself on the ballot for our conference or stay out of the politics. Oh but I do love politics sometimes, the drama, the power plays, the craziness. On the other hand, I get myself so stressed out and anxious that I often lose sight of what is important. I would like to have the opportunity to go to it at least once in a lifetime. You know, like you want to go to the Holy Land at least once. But then I also have a familyof little ones, and I have a church to lead and serve. But I also think I have something to offer. So I am trying to discern whether to commit myself or not. What do you all think? Please pray for me in this discernment process.

How General Conference Works is my link for this Tuesday's General Conference Blogging.

One of the things this link tells about is that the General Conference meets every four years, and. is the top policy-making body of The United Methodist Church. Church law states that no person or organization except the General Conference has authority to speak officially for the denomination (The Book of Discipline 1996, Par. 509.). Cost of the conference is more than $3 million.

Three million dollars?!? Wow, it gets my mind thinking about how the church could use that $3 million dollars in other ways. I like the idea of using it for evangelism, ministries, outreach, and missions. Maybe have an online General Conf meeting instead. Wonder if that is any less expensive, and better use of time and money. Then we could cut out some of the top down thinking that goes on. Some of the apportionment costs. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

good luck and you'll be in my prayers for such a big decision.

the politiking makes me sick to my stomache. if it makes a difference, i am glad there are people like you who enjoy and understand the politics while also keeping an eye out for losing oneself in them. that is to be commended and respected.

Anonymous said...

3 Million Dollars! Makes me wonder if some BIG Methodist church somewhere wouldn't consider hosting the general conference, with the only expense being bagles and coffee.

You're right. That's a lot of money being spent unnecessarily. Perhaps a camp meeting with a gratious host providing the facilities would be more appropriate. Not joking!

Thanks for your yoemen duties at the Methoblog.

Your Friend,