Monday, January 01, 2007

A RevGal & MethoBlog Meetup

If you have been reading reverend mommy's, Gavin's and some other blogs, you know that the day approaches for our meetup at the Congress of Evangelism at Myrtle Beach, SC. I will be getting up early in the morning to drive to Atlanta to pick up reverendmommy on the way. It will be a long trip. We are making a presentation on the use of the internet for evangelistic purposes. reverend mommy and I are going to talk about being part of the revgalblogpal community as well. Plus we get to go to some great presentations as well. It will be somewhat cold so we will have to put in some beach walking time as well.

I would leave earlier but I have had a death in the church, which I have to attend to. So pray for us as we travel, and as we make our presentations. I am looking forward to time with my blogging buddies. I better hurry up and get ready though, I am still in my jammies, watching the cotton bowl on tv and blogging.

For those who aren't able to attend, we will have our cameras and laptops. Hopefully we can be in touch with you all. Poor us, we'll be staying at the Breaker's Resort because the Sheraton is full.


Cathy said...

Someone has to make the sacrifice to stay at The Breakers...poor things..

hope you all have fun and SEND PICTURES!

HeyJules said...

Have a wonderful time and hug all the Revgals for me.

Anonymous said...

wow! best wishes and many prayers for your journey.

i'm sure the presentation will be fantabulous!!!!!!!!!

have a wonderful time!

1-4 Grace said...

Hi. Hope all goes well. Please say "hello" to my home state.
Most of my folks were happy with the cotton bowl game. I am now into the Orange Bowl.
And in answer to your question, I have some lovely members that I trade off on cat/dog sitting. The yare dependable and I am comfortable enough with them seeing my mess, as they are with me seeing theirs. Actually, this one lady has been known to wash my breakfast dishes!
Anyhow, sorry your cats wer not game for outfit. Melech has now taken up with my stuffed froggy Santa. He sleeps with it.
Do send a picture of Carolina for me.

1-4 Grace said...

Oh. Just heard on NPR (my news source) that there is now this law that folks in US cannot adopt children from China if they are on anit-depressants or if they are obese.
No plans to adopt anytime soon, but still found it unsettling.
Just thought I would share.
They did not mention other countries, only China. I guess b/c of its popularity for adoptive parents and soem apparent bias going on there. Okay, back to game.