Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lent Bible Study?

Anybody else do a bible study or small group study for Lent?

I have my Wednesday night Bible study planned out until Lent. I find myself in a quandry of what to do for Lent. I asked the group, and got mixed answers. The clearest answer I got was to study a Bible study based on the Lectionary passages. It was one of the ones I offered as a possibility. Can't even remember which catelogue I found it in.

Any of you got some profound ideas? I really don't want to put one together myself, and I really am not interested in teaching the same old same old. I do have a variety of ages in it. I guess I am not ready to think about Lent, but think about it, I must in order to make plans and purchase material. Sigh.

I have already found out that they don't like to do studies based on movies, so those are out. Can you believe it? I love movies. I feel deprived. I wanted to do a movie.


HeyJules said...

Last year was my first go around with Lent and a group of us got together and did a Lenten prayer blog. We'll be doing it again as it was an amazing experience. People from all denominations joined together and we all prayed for each other and for God's work in our lives.

As for the pastor does a 3-4 week series each February about movies that have scriptural truth or principles in them and they are some of the year's best lessons. We absolutely LOVE them!

Anonymous said...

Pray about taking one of the gospels and do a "summary" type study to cover it (zeroing in on one specific overall lesson in each session), then spending quality time in the Lenten passages looking for the unusual, non-traditional teachings that have been overlooked by the majority of material. This will do at least two things at the same time: 1) It will give you and your people fresh insights out of the Scriptures 2) It will solidify the Word in your people a bit more.

This would be a challenge, but really rewarding between the Lord and His people.

Just a thought.


the reverend mommy said...

eh, I did "Luther" last year. It's a movie. =o)

and I did "Chocolat" the year before. Yep, a movie.

Oh and I did "Narnia" with the kids this year. A movie.

I'm no help.

Anonymous said...

There's a youth resource called "Destination Easter" put out by Abingdon that is lectionary based and could be really good for adults too, if they like to do interactive stuff. i have used it for prayer station ideas in the past.