Friday, January 05, 2007

Communion in a bar

We have decided we are emergent. Our last night together after meeting and discussing how the workshop presentation went and future plans, we then shared communion together. We even invited the bartender and the others in the bar. They passed on the invitation, but were cool with us doing it. Theresa brought her kit which includes plate, cup, cross, candles, juice, and wafers. It was really beautiful. We felt pretty good about the workshops, but realized there are some things we can improve on. We also talked about future presentations. The Congress on Evangelism in 2008 is in New Orleans, and we will be there. Apparently there are a few other conferences that want us to come and do our presentation.

We also worked on plans for the Methoblog. Came up with some good ideas. Its exciting. What was really neat was we have different views on things, but could come to the table together, share our views, and come to what is important. I have some new brothers and sisters that I am grateful for. And perhaps there are now some new bloggers.

The Methobloggers present were as follows:

Gavin Richardson a revgalblogpal
Jonathon Norman
DogBlogger a revgalblogpal
Theresa Coleman a revgalblogpal
Abi Carlisle-Wilke a revgalblogpal
Beth Quick a revgalblogpal
Jay Voorhees
Mark Winter
Susan Cox-Johnson
Locust and Honey
After a long trip and a bad rainstorm with high winds,we made it to Atlanta and then I made it home. I am so glad to be with my children again. They are beautiful.
Blessings on everyone for the weekend.


gavin richardson said...

communion was way cool! one of the craziest sacramental experiences i've had ever.

corrections: it's actually 2008 congress in new orleans. that whole change in years can getcha. also, susan's last name is cox-johnson. at least i think it is...

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're back home safely! Had a great time meeting you (and all the others, too). Communion was, as Gavin said, way cool. A unique and sacramental moment.


the reverend mommy said...

I blogged about the communion, too. It was (no other word) an awsome and incrediable experience.

I really enjoyed your company. I hope to see you again soon!

John said...

It was one of the most powerful eucharistic experiences that I've ever had. Thanks for presiding!

Mike said...

Hey, glad to know someone with the same friends in North Alabama! I'll see what I can do about 2008. Blessings!