Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Meet-Up

We're here. Weren't sure we were going to make it or not. I had a problem with child care, and I wasn't sure I was not going to make it. Got off late, got lost trying to get to Theresa's house. So we got here late and crashed. We had a great time getting here together. We solved all the problems.

We now are teaching the class. It is so cool. Beth Quick is here. yea. I have enjoyed meeting f2f some of the revgals and the methobloggers.

I have got to share an incident that happened. The security guard had gotten our luggage and was helping us take it up to the room. I went with him, while Theresa parked the car. Another guy got on the elevator with us. Some how some things were said about the lottery. This guy told the security guard not to do it, or you better not do it. I heard this humnph. After the other guy got off, I asked the guard what was up about the lottery. He said you don't know how rough it is here to work and keep a job. He told me that SC was a "Fire at Will" state, and that they can fire you at anytime. From what he was saying he had been fired for no reason from his job, and it took awhile to find this job. I talked with him for awhile, gave him a tip, and told him God bless him. And he returned the blessing. Now you need to know the other guy was going to this Evangelism conference too. After the guard left, the thought came to me, "How to not do evangelism with someone you just meet."

We are now stating the second session. This time Gavin and Jonathon are presenting, especially about Social networks. Theresa and Jay did a good job with their presentation.


Cathy said...

Sounds like you are having a good time even if you got off to a late start! Sounds like you did some good ministering in the elevator!

gavin richardson said...

you got lost trying to find theresa too! you never let on about that as we made fun of our escapades in atlanta... i think we blame atlanta

Anonymous said...

wow, now there's some irony. i'm so glad you are here this week.

Sue said...

I'm so naive, really. Are you seriously telling me that the security guy was concerned about losing his job because he MENTIONED the lottery? Shoot, I'd be pretty nervous with that kind of job security too! I'm glad you were a blessing to him.

Have fun!!

Sally said...

Abi- I'm glad you were there to speak a blessing too- how crazy to have such little security and to live in such a state of stress.
Peace and blessings

Enjoy and be blessed by the conference