Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Speaking of communion

This year our conference along with most of the conferences honored the ClergyWomen for 50 years of ordination. They had made a video of some of the clergy interviewing them, as well as showing them in ministry. I didn't get in on that being way down here in Wadley. We had a great luncheon with one of the first women who was ordained in North Alabama. She was such a joy to listen to and an encouragement to us. Bishop Willimon asked Dr. Lacey Warner to teach the Bible Study each day. He also presented a video made of an interview with Dr. Tullis abiout the General Conference in 1956 where full rights were given women. It was amazing to hear that the man who put forth the motion was at that time a professor at Asbury Seminary, a conservative Seminary. Wow. And finally we clergy women served communion at the sending forth service. And I can't believe it my picture is on the website serving communion. Hey, I got to serve the bigdogs, the District Supers. That's me with the short hair, blue dress serving the bread. For all that it was a great conf.


Sally said...

wonderful- thanks for the post- it gives me hope

revabi said...

Oh Sally there is always hope as long as God Almighty and the Holy Spirit are at work. I'll be praying for you.